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adiPURE • Training • Shoes

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Reviews for: adiPURE Training Shoes

119 reviews
Adipure 360.3 Good price, good shoe
23 April 2016

I really like the style and the shape of this shoe, also it holds tight to the feet ( tight but not uncomfortable) so I do like it. The only thing I don't like about it is that there's no support (i.e. Cushion) at all. It would be perfect if there is cushion support. ... read more

ML4444 go to product
Adipure 360.3 Surprising support from a very light shoe
23 April 2016

A very light breathable shoe. I am on my feet a lot and wanted a bit of style. I had expected a thicker sole but so far it's been great for travelling and walking around all day. I ordered half size larger as suggested and it was perfect. ... read more

biddybarista go to product
Adipure 360.3 One of the few minimalist shoes available
21 April 2016

I bought three pairs of the Adipure Gazelle and wore them all out. I bought these because they were the closest to it and I am very pleasantly surprised. They are very similar and there are very few on the market like this. They have a little more structure than the Gazelle but retain that barely there feeling and really nice grip around the foot without cutting in. ... read more

AnnieF, Gold Coast, Australia go to product
Adipure 360.3 Good looking, comfortable shoe.
17 April 2016

Love the look of this training shoe. Initially concerned that I had ordered too small a size even though I ordered a half size bigger than usual. They do feel quite tight when you first put them on possibly because of the unusual tongue, I really had to squeeze my foot in. Once on however they are very comfortable and I'm looking forward to trying them out at my fitness classes. ... read more

AliTurner, Scotland go to product
Adipure 360.3 Comfortable and cool!
13 April 2016

I am a shoe addict, and lately my feet have been hurting more than usual (I have had bunions my entire life and I am over 40), so some shoes I have bought with care did not turn out to be very comfortable, which is frustrating because as a shoe addict, if I spend $100 or more on a pair of shoes, I want them to be the shoe I've been looking for. I read reviews and I'm very selective. That being said, these shoes not only look super cool, but they are extremely comfortable! So now I'm like, what other colors do they have? My only complaint is that I did not find them sooner. ... read more

Erinee, San Francisco go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes Quality Product
03 April 2016

These shoes are the lightest shoes I've ever owned. I use them at the gym regularly and also do some light jogging in them and my feet feel fantastic. Lots of support and flexibility. However, I don't think they would fare well for regular long distance running. Overall great shoe though! ... read more

natenate, Toronto go to product
Adipure 360.3 Training Sneakers
30 March 2016

I just bought these in black and they are so light and comfortable. I even want to wear them out instead of just at the gym. If you are training and running these are great and offer support on the foot. I'm very happy with these ... read more

elsa27, Montreal, QC go to product
Adipure 360.3 Disappointed.
24 March 2016

Ordered these shoes hoping they would fit since Adidas usually runs true to size. I finally received them and ended up disappointed, like usual. The quality of the shoe aesthetically is not nearly as nice as I would have expected and I would probably need a 10.5-11 but they do not make this size for women and men's shoes are too wide for me. The struggle of being tall and having large feet.. ... read more

Eclairr, Ontario go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes Comfy and Great
11 March 2016

Actually very well defined, perfectly sized, and fun to walk, jog and run in. Only quirk is I find the shoelaces to be completely superfluous and would love to see the same design without them nor shoelace holes. They untie regularly, probably because they aren't stretchy at all. Nevertheless, what I love most is the ease with which they are easy to put on and off. ... read more

B7th, Vancouver go to product
Adipure 360.3 EXPECTED MORE
10 March 2016

Love the look of the shoe and I was looking for something light that I can pack for travel. However you can see the glue on the seam of the shoe which I find disappointing for the brand and the price point. I was looking to get a pair of the Energy Boost next (great look) for running but not so sure ... read more

JennBB, USA go to product
Adipure 360.3 Get some!!
09 March 2016

great for doing classes at the gym, they have enough flexibility in the sole to allow my feet have full range of motion. This is what I was looking for and the lovely assistant at the adidas store listened to my needs and matched me up with these babies!! I couldn't be happier. Thanks ... read more

eloisepossum, Brisbane Aus go to product
Adipure 360.3 Perfect pair of gym trainers
04 March 2016

I've recently bought these trainers and I have been using them about 3/4 times a week for the last two week(since purchasing them) I use them for aerobics classes (zumba, step aerobics), the gym and spin class also. I find them very supportive and comfortable. Allows your feet to breathe, as my feet are never over sweaty, which i have found with other trainers, i have previously purchased. The trainers are very light weight and are very stylish. Definitely happy with my purchase, they seem durable and I'm sure they will last me a while. ... read more

JLondon, London go to product
Adipure 360.3 best footwear for zumba, dance, cross training
04 March 2016

I love these shoes! They don't have a lot of lift and the toe box is not too narrow. So it fits well where it should, provides the right support for side-to-side movement, and are comfortable enough to squeeze in a mile run for warming up. This is my new all purpose gym shoe! ... read more

amytron, US go to product
Adipure 360.3 It's Adidas
28 February 2016

I purchased it as a gift for my partner. This shoe is very light, very comfortable, soft and so lovely indeed. Had to buy half size bigger. I think this shoe is the best for the gym. I would recommend it. Many thanks Adidas. ... read more

Falcon1, UK/ greater London go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes Perfect fit
23 February 2016

I got given a pair of adidas adipure 360.3 for a gift. I put them on and I have never felt a more comfortable training shoe. Like my foot is in a cloud. I am not sure if they are just meant to be gym training shoes. But I want to use them for multi purpose, casual, road running, trail running and walks. ... read more

paula01, East London, South-Africa go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes Best Trainer
07 February 2016

Best trainer shoes I've purchased to date. Ounce weight is perfect and fits true to size. Great lateral movement and gives you great movement while working. Well ventilated to keep you cool. Adidas has stepped up the attention to detail. ... read more

2_faroutman, Knoxville go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes Great Trainers
04 February 2016

Great trainers for gym work, stable and supportive. My only problem with these shoes is the width. I normally by size 8 in my everyday shoes but get 9s in Adidas trainers. However 9s are slightly long in the length so I decided to purchase size 8.5 this time and I've found these slightly tight in the width. ... read more

Yellowtonka, North east go to product
Adipure 360.3 So good, everyone in my household is rocking them!
23 January 2016

I fell in love with these after simply trying them on. I convinced them or otherwise purchased myself these for my family members & boyfriend who all love them as well. I would imagine for average feet women these might fit a bit large but half the reason I was sold on these was the fact that they are a bit wider than most style shoes & my feet while small (size 5) are still rather wide, and the 5's fit like a dream. ... read more

2007gigir go to product
Adipure 360.3 The training shoe I've been looking for!
21 January 2016

I do circuit training 4 times a week and I have been looking to update a VERY old pair of runners (but I couldn't bring myself to throw them away because nothing seemed to compare) BUT now I can because these shoes are even better than my old ones... so THANK YOU! Finally, a pair of runners that look good but actually give the support and flexibility you need when exercising!! Highly recommend. ... read more

cmoo5, London, UK go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes Good Crossfit all-rounder
14 January 2016

I bought these to have a change from nano's. They looked ideal for Crossfit, flat sole for lifting but also a slightly raised toe for running. I've only had them a week. Used them for lifting, metcon and they're pretty good over 800m runs too. I wouldn't be looking to cover any distance in them though. Cheaper than nano's and a better all rounder. Thumbs up so far! ... read more

CraigL1, Cumbria, UK go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes Excellent Shoe
14 January 2016

I do a lot of HIIT and Weights, these shoes are perfect for this type of training. They have a great sole which provide a solid and stable foundation. Other shoes I've tried even with zero or minimal drop still tend to roll in a the lateral movement, but these keep my feet in the right position all the time. ... read more

gripper72, North West, UK go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes Looks very plush
08 January 2016

Another excellent pair of Adidas shoes. They look amazing, very smart but also casual. Very comfortable. I ordered a half size higher as adidas shoes are normally a bit narrow but I think a 10 would have been perfect but I can live with the 10.5 ... read more

Garyn, Brighton uk go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes Good, not great
24 December 2015

The trainers are very light with a strong cushioned sole. The area for putting your foot into the trainers is very narrow. Once your foot is in, the heel part of your foot is very secure but the front area of the shoe feels too open. Could have done with being more supportive around the toes. ... read more

Ishy0101, Birmingham go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes Fab trainers
11 December 2015

Bought these for my hubby. Really stylish, neat trainers. Hubby is normally a uk size 8, however I have found with all adidas trainers they are slightly smaller fitting so we went for size 8.5 and they fit like a glove. So comfortable and on trend. ... read more

Monkeypatstick, Northern Ireland go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes My Third Pair In The 360 Series
05 December 2015

I’m really not happy with these shoes. First, the insole is sewn-in and I normally substitute aftermarket insoles. Second, I can’t get the right tension across the top of my forefoot. Third, put a proper tongue back in the shoe. My 360's were good. My 360.2’s were great. My 360.3's are a disappointment. ... read more

Changman go to product
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