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adizero • Running • Shoes

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Reviews for: adidas adizero - Running - Shoes

83 reviews
adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes The best Race shoes, but size up!
15 November 2015

My son is a size 6, so i bought, 6, 6.5 and 7.. Lucky I did!, He needed the 7!. I love that adidas offer free delivery and returns! making ordering different sizes affordable. slightly concerned that the postage cost they pay from germany to the UK and back again would cost them more than the profit on the shoes though? These Adios Boost 2's are perfect for the track or shorter distances when you need a little more support for regular training. The grip is exceptional too. Really impressed with this shoe and will look for a pair for myself now! ... read more

Harbrook, Brighton go to product
adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes Light, Supportive & Great Grip
11 November 2015

This is the second pair of Adios Boost's I've bought. They are light but offer great support. The continental Tyre grip is long lasting, even after 400 miles. I have worn them for speed work and long runs out in the countryside. ... read more

John36, Hertfordshire go to product
adizero Tempo Boost 7 Shoes nice shoe
02 November 2015

Been running with minimal style addi zero for running offroad up mt manganui, because didnt like the bulky responce and supernova. These feel like they fit perfectly for my now 80% road running scenario and more cushioned in the toe area but still light. They feel better for longer distances for me and because they have a full rubber sole i can use them for jumping on my hardtail and hit some jumps round aucklands urban jungle. Nice bit of daglo detail to keep it interesting. Nice shoe. ... read more

munkeyboy, auckland nz go to product
adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes Great all-round shoe!
20 October 2015

I recently decided that I would buy some new shoes to help me keep fit during my studying at university. I have suffered with knee problems for the last few years after a minor injury, and would get knee aches after long periods of running, so did my research into finding a supportive shoe to avoid the knee aches I got in previous running shoes. These shoes provide great stability and support that I need and I have now avoided any knee pains whatsoever, and whilst being very supportive the shoe is also extremely lightweight and comfortable, and the Boost soles give an amazing bounce, much greater than all other previous shoes I've owned. I would highly recommend this shoe to any type of runner, the Boost soles especially are a must for anyone! ... read more

Ollie18 go to product
adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes Super light running shoe
19 October 2015

When I received the shoes I thought they sent me and empty box. These shoes are lighter than my old Adizero Boston shoes that they replace. The support feels concentrated in the middle of the forefoot. This is where I aim to land my strides. I like the bias cutout on the heel. If you do have a heel landing this shape will have the heel to road contact area almost parallel, so your foot does not get twisted. The laces and the overall shape are almost identical to the Adizero Boston so these too allow a perfect snug fit, but the Adios may even be better than their predecessors. ... read more

RonaldO60, Baltimore MS, USA go to product
adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes Boost caused knee discomfort
07 October 2015

I run two marathons per year, one in the spring and one in the fall each year. My shoe is the adios. That shoe was moved to boost technology. I purchased my first pair in early 2014, orange and silver, started experiencing slight knee discomfort after my first run, but I thought it was a running technique issue. I raced one marathon in those shoes. Purchased a second, same issue although not as bad. My current pair, purchased in Feb 2015, have caused even more knee discomfort. I wish there was an adios option without boost technology. Otherwise, I'm afraid I am going to move to another shoe maker. I would like to avoid because all my running apparel (running shorts, short and long-sleeve running shirts, socks, pants, jackets, gloves, beanies) are also adidas. ... read more

Mt. Pleasant, Mclean, VA go to product
adizero Tempo 7 Shoes Incredibly light & fast !
14 September 2015

I am an avid outdoor distance runner, year round..been wearing adizero tempo running shoes since the first prototype..the 7's are manufactured with better quality assurance than the 6's..toe box improved; however if I had any issue a tad more room would add to a perfect running shoe for a neutral runner who is light weight and loves resistance and feeling the ground as they stride. ... read more

RunnerMom13, New York go to product
adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes Great performer
14 September 2015

Adidas Adios Boost 2.0 might be the best running shoes I've ever had. They are light and tight, there is just the right amount of cushioning and the outsole is great. That being said, they are not perfect. The inner material could be better or there could be lining. Now it is almost impossible to run without any socks. Especially the inner part of the toe box area has pretty harsh seams. ... read more

Laurentios, Greece go to product
adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes love these shoes
27 August 2015

The last 2 years i have been regularily training and running in half marathons. I have found these shoes to be excellent from the get go. For a runner weighting 100kg I find these shoes make me feel light and energenic ... read more

DrMattDC, Lockyer Valley, Australia go to product
adizero Tempo 7 Shoes Great shoe, beware of changes
25 August 2015

I owned three pairs of the Tempo 6. Love them! When I heard that Adidas made them even better with the Boost foam, I couldn't wait to try them. There are lots of changes from the 6 to the 7. There is no space under the left insole for a foot pod or mi tech. They run smaller and a little more narrow. The toe box was too small for me, so I had to return them. I'm hoping to find a pair in a store so I can see if the fit is right before I buy. ... read more

AA96E, Livonia, MI go to product
adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes Back to School shoes
24 August 2015

These shoes look great and work well for the gym. Not every shoe is good for both inside the gym and outside on the track. I have to watch for shoes that will not turn an ankle and these shoes fit the bill! Adidas shoes last well and fit very wide feet. I don't mind spending more for Adidas shoes because I know they will fit, do the job and last! ... read more

cjms, Hamilton go to product
adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes Awesome
24 August 2015

Simply a perfect fit and an anatomically correct sole. Finally, a shoe company who doesn't think it can replace millions of years of evolution of the human suspension system with a few millimetres of man made foam ! ... read more

Wizard7, Windsor, UK go to product
adizero MD 2 Shoes great running shoe
03 August 2015

This shoe provides great comfort whilst giving you a responsive feel: it would be best used for runs that are between 400m-1500m as has enough cushioning for these distances while giving the runner a springy sensation reminiscent of a sprint spike, this is needed for the last 100- 200 meters of your race. so this is an overall great shoe for mid distance runners. ... read more

Marcoman999, epsom,surrey,uk go to product
adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes What the Adios are for.
26 July 2015

The Adios are for mid-foot strikers. That's the healthy and natural way to run. Heel-strikers need a lot of cushioning, cause they're running the wrong way - jump on your heels, bare foot, and you'll understand what I say. So, the Adios boost might be a bit softer in the heel, but is still very firm and responsive in the mid and forefoot, so, still an amazing shoe. Adidas is number one - though not on the availability of the products, but they might have been surprised by their own succes.... ... read more

louisrobert, Montreal go to product
adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes Adidas Zero - The Old Version
21 July 2015

The Adidas Zero Boost 2.0 are ok. The fit is good, however the feel is not the same. They seem heavier than the ones I bought 1 1/2 years ago and definitely not the same as the ones I bought four years ago. The arch in the sneakers do not feel right, as if they are not in the right spot, yet if they were any smaller my feet would be cramped especially when I am running. Other than that, I would certainly not buy any other brand than Adidas Zero. They are the best sneaker to be able to put on brand new and run 5 km without hurting your feet or knees. ... read more

Kris4 go to product
adizero Tempo 7 Shoes Finally a lightweight fast shoe for overpronators
28 June 2015

On my first run I thought I had made a mistake with these as they felt quite unresponsive, however a few runs in and they have become a little softer and I love them. I would say these are a short distance shoe though as there is not enough cushioning for me to do a half marathon and beyond, I'll be sticking to my Sequence Boost for that! Now the negative, the quality of the shoe for £95 is disappointing. I had to send the first pair back as one shoe had a noticeably higher profile than the other and it looked like it had been made last thing on a Friday! Second pair are better, still have imperfect stitching and the pair don't match in profile, but they are better. So all in all a good performing shoe, just watch out for the quality issues, and I had to size up by half a size to give a bit more room in the toe box. ... read more

evolvedtorun, Gloucestershire, UK go to product
adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes Good one
17 June 2015

I am using adidas shoes from past 10 years and this is one of best shoes I have ever used. its very comfortable and doesnt pain your feet. More I wear the more I am liking this product. the thing I didnt like too much is its color, it extremely blue in colour than I thought. ... read more

rgowda, Sydney go to product
adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes Great running shoes
10 June 2015

Absolutely the best running shoes I have ever owned. Light, fast and responsive with just enough cushioning for longer runs. Only drawbacks are slightly too small sizing (as normal with adidas) and laces are a bit too snazzy for my liking. Usually adidas include another less conspicuous pair but not in this instance sadly. Great running shoes tho, highly recommended. ... read more

Griffin436, Kent Uk go to product
adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes Too light for marathon
05 June 2015

I am a huge Adidas fan. Love the Boost and Adios line. Been training and racing with them for about 5 years now. I ran the San Diego Marathon on 31May15. My right foot began to hurt about mile 10 or so. (I am a mid-foot striker). I am not sure if it was anything I did but the pain left after about 2-3 miles. About 17 or 18 the pain was much worse but this time in my left foot. The pain forced me to walk and jog and I was done. I completed the race way slower then I anticipated. I want to say the shoe was great up to a Half-Marathon distance. I don't think there is enough cushion and support for a marathon. I will stick to the Boston Boost. Anyone else have similar problems? I am 49 yoa. I do 1-2 marathons a year. I train all the time and have a 3:07:11 PR for the 26.2 haul. ... read more

Rchard, Houston, TX go to product
adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes Fantastic, but please bring back customisation
31 May 2015

I've used the original adios and every version since. Fantastic shoes, I just wish the toe box was a little wider on the latest incarnation, as the mesh can be quite abrasive on the pinky toe. Would love it if there were more customisation options for sizing again. ... read more

jalt, Zurich, Switzerland go to product
adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes Strange shoe colors
19 May 2015

I have been running in Adidas adizero shoes for several years now, and have been very satisfied with the fit and feel. I wanted to touch on the color of the Adizero Boost 2.0 listed as "Mid grey/flash red/flash green", as this was a major problem for me. On the website, the shoe is shown as gray with a red stripe and a green bottom. To me, that is great, however, when the shoes arrived, they were both gray, but one had a red stripe and green bottom like that pictured, but the other had a green stripe with a red bottom. I thought this was a mistake at first, called Adidas, and returned the shoe after they also thought this was a mistake (two shoes that don't really match). I re-ordered the same shoe, and to little surprise, it was still mismatched. I am attaching pictures to show what I mean. After carefully looking at the website, it is very clear that only the left shoe is shown with the green bottom. I am very disappointed in Adidas for not making this clear on their site or to their customer service reps and will be returning these again, as I really dislike the mis-matched look. ... read more

Adam Ohio, Ohio go to product
adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes Nice light yet supportive shoe
17 May 2015

Overall, it's a decent shoe. Nice and lightweight so good for speedwork, but also enough support for something like a marathon. Have used them in half marathons and marathon. My only complaint is the fine mesh lets in water when it rains or even when its done raining and the streets are wet. I don't recall my feet feeling quite so wet in past shoes I've worn when it's done raining and the streets are wet. ... read more

Bikila, Belvidere,IL go to product
adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes Brilliant boost
05 May 2015

Having owned several pair of energy boosts I wanted so etching a little quicker. This shoe certainly helped me !!! They are so comfy , have great grip and dry quickly, it's no wonder why this shoe is so popular in the racing world. As someone who has really got into racing this trainer has really helped me to improve my game! ... read more

Howay04, Lancashire go to product
adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes Awesome shoe
28 April 2015

This is my first pair of flat shoes. I thought I would give them a go for my shorter runs. I love them. They really push you on your run. My calves are working harder and they feel stronger. These shoes let you make your pace quicker. I like them on hills too. They need breaking in though. Not an out of the box racer. I would like to try them on a longer run too. ... read more

Jellybean72, waikato, NZ go to product
adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes Love 'em, but...
22 April 2015

I have put a lot of miles on the original Adios Boost shoes since they first appeared in the stores, training for, and running marathons, and other distances. They are my favorite of all brands I've tried, so far, without question. I recently bought, and use the 2.0, with great satisfaction. My only negative issue is that the black sole material is too thin, (roughly 1/16th"), on the heel. It wears down quickly when continually running on pavement. I make a conscious effort not to heel-strike, and I'm fairly light in my stride, yet the outside edge of the heel is significantly worn compared with the rest of the heel after less that a hundred miles. Uneven wear can be problematic, and while the shoe itself may have many more miles available, this wear pattern undermines the durability under fairly normal use, and renders this excellent shoe redundant far too soon, in my opinion. ... read more

oddillo, Scotland go to product
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