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adidas Boost

adidas Boost Running Shoe - The Revolution in Running continues

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The Running Revolution continues

1000s of special energy capsules are melted together into one midsole that will change your run forever.

Endless energy: The new BOOST™ foam with its unique energy capsules features a magical combination of functional benefits. Unlike any other foam it gives a soft and springy cushioning and feels ‘alive’. It energizes your running stride for more efficiency independent from the temperature and ensures maximum comfort.

“The great thing about the Energy Boost is that you have an instant wow effect when you try it on." - Boost Designer

“Every runner of every level can use BOOST™, whether they want to run a marathon or just boost their personal best on a weekly run.” - Boost Product Manager

The energy Boost truly is the industry leader: It performed better than any of the almost 800 other shoes we’d tested" - Runner's World, March 2013

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