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Men • Swimming • Shoes

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Reviews for: Men Swimming Shoes

176 reviews
adissage Slides What a slide
28 February 2016

I really like the quality. I used to buy my slides from Adidas because they are unique indeed. It is very comfortable, very nice colour and waterproof, but just a bit pricy. Overall it is the best and highly recommend. thank you so much Adidas. ... read more

Falcon1, Greater London, UK go to product
adissage Slides Does The Job
29 January 2016

I bought these to go with my "new year, new me" resolution to start swimmng. THey are extremeley easy to slid on and off and provide a nice grip on the floor and soften the impact when walking on cold wet tiles. I particularly like the fact they are adjustable so you can change the fit. ... read more

ReedsteR, Manchester UK go to product
adissage Slides Dissapointed
28 September 2015

I have the same model size ten and it fit just right for all last three years. The new one I just bought again size ten, it actually is smaller or shorter than the old one when put next to each other. What changed? It really is a hassle to return and go through the gymnastics. And it has the size ten tag on the ... read more

MTM go to product
adissage Slides Best Slides EVER!!!!
20 August 2015

MAN I just love these slides since each step I toke with them on feels like I'm wearing pillows on my feet and I hate to take them off since they are SO COMFORTABLE A++++ keep up the good work Adidas. ... read more

Dusty87, Pueblo, Colorado, USA go to product
adissage Slides My favorite!
16 August 2015

I absolutely love these slides. I've had mine for over a year now, my husband and I both have a pair. I love the look and the comfort is awesome. I'd like an arch support because my feet have gotten bad recently in the past couple of months but as for the shoes themselves, they clean up easy, they don't lose their velcro hold like alot if velcro does. We wear them everywhere! In the garden at the beach or fairs and fests and even a casual night out. They go with anything. I want a new pair but don't need them yet and mine get year round use. ... read more

Tack15, Willard Ohio go to product
adissage Slides Great flip flops and very comfy
19 July 2015

I bought these to take on holiday and was looking for a pair to wear lounging to and from the pool. These are extremely comfy and they dry really quickly. Overall an excellent product, so much so that I'm looking at buying another pair in different colours. ... read more

Steve78, Aberdeen go to product
adissage Slides Fit for purpose
25 June 2015

If you are planning to use these just in the locker room, as pool shoes, or in the shower they will be just fine. The foam bed is very soft and comfortable as advertised. UltraFoam+ and Adissage Super Cloud are different names for the same slide. However for daily wear I wouldn't recommend around the home or out and about as there is not enough support; I'd recommend the MCI Adilette or Santiossage instead. The material keeps better if it is regularly exposed to water (and thus cleaned) so then it doesn't smell. As with all Adidas shoes (slides in particular) the sizing is very snug, so unless you know your "Adidas Size" go about 1 to 1.5 sizes up from normal. The width is good even for those who have wider feet (2E or 4E). ... read more

Jeff99, London, UK go to product
adissage Slides Super Buy
24 June 2015

These slides are the best,very comfortable, I can wear them all day. I thought they would not be as good as the fit form ones that you can only purchase in the USA and [I have had two pairs of those] which were brilliant.These are equally as good. ... read more

Bruce23, Hull UK go to product
adissage Slides Pretty Good
22 February 2015

IMHO, these are an upgrade in comfort from the adissage slides. They're pretty comfortable. I have wide feet but I was able to stay true to my size and not have my feet squeezed at all. My only real gripe with these for me were poor ventilation. They're pretty cushioned but they make my feet sweat. My feet don't normally stink unless my feet sweat more than usually and I hate taking these off and smelling my feet. Fyi I do wear socks with these. I'm thinking about trying out the 3g superstars for home while using these for post workout recovery stuff because they're still pretty comfortable. ... read more

The General Aj, New York, NY go to product
adissage Slides Great
27 December 2014

I had seen these in shop before but never had my size available. I knew exactly what to expect. I find these sandals the best, so comfortable. I had a pair before but needed replacing as starting to show their age. Would recommend these all day long. ... read more

GOMAROMA1, Glasgow go to product
adissage Slides Well Organised Purchase Process
29 November 2014

This is excellent comfortable, adjustable, casual and lasting footwear for young and old. It is our second purchase of this product, first time on-line purchase with no hassles and excellent follow up service. ... read more

Strubelpeter, Muenchen, Germany go to product
adissage Slides Very pleased!
26 August 2014

I have had foot problems for several years now and need a firm but soft shoe...hard to find! I searched the web and came across these and thought I would give them a try. Being hopeful, ordered 2 pair. They are perfect! ... read more

Shelby 2852, Hebo OR go to product
adissage Slides Just what i expected
10 August 2014

I needed slippers to put on right after a shower that can deal with the moisture and these were perfect. Also comfortable to use around the house, short trip to the store, after a soothing swim at the beach or just before and after you play sports. ... read more

JonFaber go to product
adissage Slides not as good
07 August 2014

Having bad feet, I am always on the look out for soft foot ware. A couple years back i bought a pair soft adidas at Koles and loved them.These new ones are hard and hurt more than the old ones. Sent one pair back and this pair I will give to the goodwill. I will never buy another pair without trying them on. The pair I sent back were also crooked and your feet went to the side. ... read more

jrb, Portland, OR, USA go to product
adissage Slides Ulimate Comfort
03 August 2014

I wear Adidas Slides at home exclusively and can't live without them. They are and have always been my go-to choice for comfort, support, and durability. I have lower back issues and these Supercloud Slides really live up to their name in providing shock-proof padding with each step. Whether it's up and down the stairs doing laundry or having to stand on my feet for long periods of time doing household chores, these wonderful Slides do their job and I highly recommend them to anyone! ... read more

Roso212, Lindenhurst, NY, USA go to product
adissage Slides Size misleading
29 July 2014

I was guided by Adidas that a woman's size should be 2 full sizes below the men's. Not true. Shoe is much shorter than all my other Adidas sandals. Other sandals are shaped more to the foot than this one is. It is wearable, but certainly not my favorite. ... read more

beachjoy go to product
adissage Slides Super comfortable slide
23 July 2014

Love the supercloud cushion, incredibly comfortable on the sole of the foot. Ordered a half size up, as recommended previously, for a perfect fit. Went for the light blue, they look great, hoping they will be as durable as they appear. Very happy with the purchase. ... read more

JmCarver, NQ, Australia go to product
30 June 2014

Here is a bright idea use the comfort bed softness with the combination of the high arch mold you had and the top flexible leather material all in one piece of the original adlite slides. This would make probably the very best comfortable slide on in the world. Make the adlite slide mold just add the comfort softness ... read more

M.G, Newburgh, IN 47630, USA go to product
adissage Slides Comfortable but Runs Small
24 June 2014

These slides are very comfortable. They do, however, run a bit small which is surprising given that Adidas sizing typically is right on the money. I would suggest purchasing a half size or full size larger to prevent the foot from extending over the front or back of the foot bed. ... read more

Beso, Pacific Northwest go to product
adissage Slides love these
13 June 2014

I love these superclouds i jyst wish there were more colors to choose from. I had a pair of pink/white ones and wanted to get the same color but there was only the two tone blue . Red/white would be cool too. Or yellow even green. They are great to put on sfter swimming. ... read more

brenda1960, california go to product
adissage Slides Like walking on jello
26 April 2014

This could be really good or really bad for a person. It feels like you have an extra bounce to your step because of the major cushion which is packed into the sole. Like walking on a mattress. First time I wore them I was a little wobbly because I was not use to that much cushion but you get use to it. Great adjustable top too. ... read more

WhatIwouldwanttoknow, Florida, USA go to product
adissage Slides Adisage Super Cloud
03 April 2014

These sandals are the most comfortable I've ever tried. I am a gymnastics national team member and to step in the super cloud after a tough training really helps my feet. I go in these everywhere they are my everyday training gear. Thank you =) ... read more

Elsa208, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico go to product
adissage Slides Great Sandal for sensitive feet
06 March 2014

I bought these for my boyfriend who has very sensitive feet and wears a size 18. He loved them; they are well fitted, soft and comfortable for his feet and we liked how durable they are as well. We have purchased two additional pairs as well....great sandals!!! ... read more

Scuciz go to product
adissage Slides Best Adidas Slides
23 August 2013

I have had my Adidas Supercloud slides for about 2 and a half years now, and i must say they are easily the most comfortable pair of flip flops i have ever had the pleasure of owning. I just purchased another pair online because no store near me (Modell's, Footlocker, JC Penny, etc...) carries this model of Adidas anymore. ... read more

Sonny1128, Waterbury, CT, USA go to product
adissage Slides nice and comfy, but obviously a man's shoe shape
09 August 2013

Its very nice and comfy, and I saw that it said it was men's sizes, and women needed to order down a size or two, but I never imagined that something being sold as a unisex sandal would be so horribly man-shaped! I almost sent them back they looked so ugly on my skinny girl feet! The reason I kept them was because I never intended to wear them anywhere but my backyard, they were comfy, and I didn't want to bother to pay for shipping to send them back. If I'd bought them in a local store, they would have gone right back the next day. They need to make this in a girl shape, and girl colors wouldn't hurt either. ... read more

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