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outdoor & hiking shoes

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Reviews for: outdoor & hiking shoes

116 reviews
Terrex Boost GTX Shoes Very satisfied
30 April 2016

I'm very happy with this shoe it's been the perfect purchase a super comfy and excellent quality shoe I wore them on a hike for the first time and was worried I hadn't worn them in but had no problems and no blisters! Super easy to clean the mud of after and a great look too. ... read more

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AX2 GTX Shoes Brilliant walking shoes
29 April 2016

I do alot of walking and thought I'd give these shoes a try. Couldn't be more impressed with the quality of the shoe. I think I'll get better use out of these whereas previous shoes have worn out in three months. ... read more

McDuff go to product
Terrex Fast R GTX Shoes Best purchase ever
27 April 2016

Adidas shoes just fit perfectly. It's like putting on a glove. My first Adidas shoes I bought over 13 years ago, and I only threw them out now, and replaced them with these ones. In the end I could only wear them in the garden. These ones I bought especially for hill walking in the warmer months. The sole has a very good grip/hold on all terrain, and so reduces the risk of slipping on loose gravel or wet surfaces. ... read more

GeorginaUl go to product
terrex Agravic Good Shoe
16 April 2016

It's a excellent looking shoe, exactly how it looks in the picture. For size, I have an advice to order .5 size to your regular size. I wear 7.5 and ordered 7.5 which is .5 bigger for me. It's not bad fit after putting a sole so just an advice. An excellent value of your money, must buy! ... read more

Raj8 go to product
Terrex Fast R GTX Shoes Best pair of trainers ive bought in a few years
12 April 2016

These shoes are top notch feel great on, purchased them for walking the dogs , no more wet feet in the lovley Scottish weather. They feel well made and look like they could take a fair bit of punishment, love the quick lace system and they look good with jeans as well. ... read more

Proddy, Linlithgow, scotland go to product
terrex Agravic Comfortable, well built and plenty of grip
01 April 2016

Had my first run in these yesterday. 6 miles on a soggy, muddy coast path. Really good grip, no slips at all and nice and comfortable to boot. I was surprised how dry my feet were too. Good, solid pair of trainers for muddy and slippery conditions. First impressions are great. ... read more

EssRen, Cornwall go to product
Terrex Fast R GTX Shoes Purely Awesome
26 March 2016

I was looking for a design which does r not resemble trainers or running shoes but still carry sporty look. Fast R GTX are perfect match. Design of components is great: bungee lacing, heel reinforcement, gore tex, toes reinforcement, continental rubber sole with excellent grip. Size wise are perfect, no issues with width either, they perfectly fit my foot. Shoes are worth every penny. ... read more

Do2k, Northamptonshire go to product
Terrex Boost GTX Shoes Awesome product
16 March 2016

I had to buy online as most shops dont stock the full adidas range... Including the factory stores , which is very dissapointing. However online is easy and i ordered my shoes on a Thursday afternoon and the delivery man put them in my hand the following morning.. And they were sent from interstate Amazingly fast service.. And i originally ordered the wrong size and it was free to send them back and i was refunded my money less than 4 days after i posted them back and i immediately ordered the correct fit. Will always buy my adidas products online now, i work in sales and i used this buying experience in one of my training sessions as an example of when a business exceeds your expectations . ... read more

Kendrick4life, Brisbane go to product
Terrex Boost GTX Shoes Great running shoes
16 March 2016

I'm not a runner but I do dog agility. I have always run my dogs in any old shoes and sometimes slipped over. Then I discovered these wonderful waterproof goretex shoes. They are light and comfortable and enable me to whip round the ring with my dog without slipping and with the confidence that whatever the weather my feet stay dry. ... read more

London UK go to product
AX2 Mid GTX Shoes Brilliant lacing
18 February 2016

Really impressed with the style and colour of these boots on opening the box. Firstly, I take a size 9 in adidas trainers, but the size 8 ½ in these boots fit perfect with socks, so I would suggest a half size smaller than you normally wear in trainers. But it depends on whether you want more room in the boot itself. The sole is fairly stiff as you would expect, but still remains with enough cushioning to absorb impact on any surface from grass to shale and stone and provides plenty of grip even along muddy tracks and banks. The lacing system on these is excellent. It’s a quick lace system so all you need to do is slip your feet in and pull the lace up, it tightens the whole of the boot with one tug. Held in place by a plastic locking toggle they did not come loose at all. There is a handy elastic lace holder by the first lace loop towards the toe, which, when the lace is tightened holds the toggle securely in place and stops that and the laces from getting caught on anything. Once the toggle has been placed in the elastic holder, they have a strap that velcros over at the top of the boot which protects the top lace and fastens over the top eyelet. The fastshell material keeps the feet warm but not to hot that they overheat and become uncomfortable and because of this material coupled with the elastic lace system these boots are easy to get on and off, unlike others that are fabric or leather. I haven’t yet tested whether these are waterproof, water resistant or neither at the moment, given the weather that they have been used in, but I daresay, that this test wont be far away given the forecast….!! I would definatley recommend these to anybody looking for a comfortable mid height boot and would be happy to pay between £70-£80, probably a little more, depending on the waterproof capability. ... read more

DaveOredsaint, St Helens go to product
Terrex Boost GTX Shoes Amazing walking shoes
14 February 2016

These shoes are great for hiking. You need to order a half size up to be comfortable. My knee prosthetic really slowed my walking pace, stamina and I had a kneecap that clicked. The strength, support, lightness, breath ability, and most of all the boost of these shoes has completely transformed my walking posture, speed, endurance and my knee has stopped with the clicking. 10/10 for me! ... read more

Limburg, Begium go to product
Terrex Boost GTX Shoes Great shoe especially for the winter!
08 February 2016

I moved to London and firs thing that really got to me was the constant rain so I needed a shoe that i could ride, coach and run in. This shoe has been great and even when it gets soaked it drys so quickly and ready for the next day. Great comfort, traction and rugged look. Would definitely recommend! ... read more

Bear0090, London, UK go to product
Terrex Boost GTX Shoes Great for rainy trail days
04 February 2016

I bought these to stay dry when I walk on trails on rainy days. They work fantastic. The real surprise is how well they breathe! I had heard that GoreTex shoes don't ventilate and make your feet sweat -- that hasn't been my experience this winter here in the northwest. Great product ... read more

Rainy Walker, Vancouver, Canada go to product
Terrex Boost GTX Shoes Great purchase for getting around London
22 January 2016

As an Aussie in London, the biggest thing to get used to is the rain. Whether walking to a pub (in the rain), going on a hike (in the rain), or jogging (in the rain), these shoes have been brilliant. Nice, light, pretty versatile and let you get out and about even in a deluge. ... read more

MickeyMouth, London go to product
KANADIA 7 TR GTX Shoes Good For Hockey
18 January 2016

Perfect for Hockey Goretex keeps your feet dry while the ankles and toes are harder to protect you from the ball. The gripping is ok but it that should not be overlooked if your not playing hockey but it keeps your feet nice and cool in the heat of the game ... read more

Ashton99, Cairns go to product
Terrex Boost GTX Shoes Terrex Boost GTX trainers.
14 January 2016

Love these trainers, second pair, plenty of grip in all conditions. I always get a half size bigger when ordering adidas trainers and they fit perfect. Picture below was just after a 10 mile mud run without a problem. ... read more

daz22, bradford , yorkshire go to product
Terrex Boost GTX Shoes Great shoe - Strange sizing though
11 January 2016

The look and feel of this shoe is what I had been searching for. I wanted a waterproof shoe that would be versatile enough to wear out walking/running and as a casual shoe as well. After hours of trying to find something that fitted the bill I came across this one. Perfect in every way except the size! I already own a pair of Adidas FastR Terrex shoes that I purchased in a size 11. They are a near perfect fit, so I ordered this pair in a size 11. But to my surprise they were a good 2-3 cm longer than the ones I have. They were so much larger that I have had to return them and it left me wondering if they had been marked up wrongly? I do however plan on reordering the same model once I work out what size I need as they are the perfect shoe, comfortable and good looking. ... read more

Chris1740, Staffordshire UK go to product
Terrex Boost GTX Shoes Good grippage me old mate!
07 January 2016

It's like having a set of tyres strapped to your feet. Walk on a wooden floor in them and you will squeak and turn with the agility of a125cc go cart with Lewis Hamilton at the wheel. Chuck on your overly bright, yet rugged trail gear and put them through their paces in the mud and you won't be disappointed. These are a proper set of mud flickers that ooze style and quality. On a down side if you have hobbit feet then they are a little on the narrow side. If that's not an issue for you I recommend you sell a kidney and use the finances to grip and squeak your way into the hills for some serious running! ... read more

GFizzle, The Hills, UK. go to product
Terrex Boost GTX Shoes Great GTX tech shoe.
31 December 2015

Another great example of GTX work from Adidas. The fit is perfect & the lacing system adds to that. Sole grips very well, unfortunately this leads to squeaking when walking on polished surface's. Great colour way, perhaps some 3M would have been a great addition given the tech nature of the shoe. Works well in combination with ACRONYM. ... read more

Dubnobass, UK go to product
Terrex Boost GTX Shoes Outdoor Adidas - Amazing
14 December 2015

Look better than on picture, good quality materials, perfect for winter days. Got them for my boyfriend and he loves them. One downside is that you won't find them in most Adidas stores therefore order online sizes that are good for you, deliver them to store and pick the right size, that's what I did. Apart from that everything great. ... read more

Paula0811, London UK go to product
Terrex Boost GTX Shoes An interesting piece of footwear....
14 November 2015

I bought these for the upcoming wet wintry weather. I've run four times over the last two weeks in very wet conditions and there's a few things to mention on these. Initial impressions: like much of the technical Adidas range I have these look so well made and precisely finished. High quality materials and interesting design touches. Sizing: I am a size 10 but had to send the first 10s back and ended up with a 10.5 so they run a little small. Forefoot area is nicely sized as I have a idea foot and these fit nicely, not too snug. Comfort: they do seem heavy for a running shoe but that hasn't even too noticeable on a run, there is more substance to these and that does show positives on the trail. The tongue has a stiff neoprene rubber type top which is pre-curved and initially I didn't like it as I thought it would dig into the front of my leg. However this hasn't caused any irritation yet so the jury is still out. The pull tight lace system is okay, I usually prefer an elastic pull system and I can't quite get these right yet but it's still early days and I do like the concept. Performance: I run in a real mixture of Tarmac, compacted soil, leaves, sand both soft and compacted, and grass/soil. All of this is over a 5k run I have right outside my door. So far they've worked well apart from the tread does get clogged easily with wet soil and sand. Not that it seems to affect grip just that you can feel the clogging when running. Interestingly after a short run on Tarmac or harder surfaces, it was all gone. No water has penetrated inside yet so I'm confident these can be a really good winter trail shoe. Summary: I love the looks and so far they run well. Time will tell whether the tongue is an issue and whether the lace system ends up getting lashed and replaced with my usual elastic ones. My only main gripe is the lack of stock everywhere. I took ages to track these down and the best colours (IMHO!) seem to be in the women's versions. Other than that I'm liking these and can see them being with me all season. ... read more

Toothsayer, Formby UK go to product
KANADIA 7 TR GTX Shoes kanadia gtx
14 November 2015

I loved the design the look is great the big shame for me is that normally you can put on a pair of Adidas trainers and its as though they ve always been there so comfortable unfortunately the kanadia are very stiff around the ankles its going to take a lot of breaking in please put a bit more padding in the ankle and toe areas ... read more

kentman, solihull uk go to product
KANADIA 7 TR GTX Shoes Impressive
09 November 2015

Bought for my son who continues to outgrow everything and so needed something to keep his feet dry at school - but didn't want to stand out with bright colours and them still be "trainers". He absolutely loves them and they fit his size 11 feet perfectly. ... read more

dazzaa, Leicester go to product
AX2 Mid GTX Shoes Just great!
04 October 2015

Excellent lightweight but robust waterproofed boot for most outdoor activities. The boot is very well cushioned and supportive,with a rugged outsole for good grip on any surface.The quick lacing system is great and easy to tighten and tie when wearing gloves. The fit for me is spot on, in both length and width.So would say buy for your size unless you intend to wear very thick socks. No reason for anyone to buy heavy walking boots when these are on the market.Quality product. ... read more

Kaiser77, Ayr go to product
Terrex Boost GTX Shoes Great Shoes Keeps Feet Dry!
21 September 2015

I bought a par of GTX shoes last year and they have held up amazingly, so I purchased these. Love the grip and the fact that I don't have soggy feet in the rain or wet grass. I coach football and baseball and love wearing these for these reasons. They seem a bit longer then my last pair. I am not quite thrilled with the tying system, I like laces myself. These are great shoes and I have recommended them to anyone who asks . ... read more

Jimmybirds, Camas, WA go to product
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