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Running • Accessories

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Reviews for: adidas Running - Accessories

246 reviews
Running Light great product overall!
16 November 2015

the color of the light was great, and it actually has two different settings of light. I put it on my bag when I hv to walk home from work at night. very comfortable to wear on wrist as well. the only problem is.. Im not sure how to change the battery........ ... read more

Hayate1015, Calgary go to product
miCoach FIT SMART Bad sensors?
04 November 2015

I've had my watch for about 3 months. At first it worked great and for every workout. Now it has trouble finding my heart rate and mid-workout it will drop my heart rate down lower than 100. I don't know who to call or who to contact to get it fixed. It was working great and want to continue to use it if it works. HELP! ... read more

K.Kunstek, Milwaukee, WI go to product
Power 2 Backpack Good for school
03 October 2015

I bought Power 2 Backpack to use for attending school. This bag's inside is enough to put those materials, notebook and laptop which need in school into bag. Fortunately, there is compartment made by cushion material for laptop, so I don't need to fear laptop will be scratched. ... read more

Yuki9, Gifu, Japan go to product
Power 2 Backpack Good Purchase
21 September 2015

The Power 2 bag is a very sturdy bag that can take a lot of wear and tear and still hold together unlike other bags where they may rip or straps fall apart. The Power 2 bag can come in a number of colours which is helpful because with it being a popular bag it can be easy to get mixed up with other bags if they're in a group but with different colours you can easily identify your bag from everyone else. I mainly use mine that I've purchased for college and it can hold all my books, binders etc. with ease and i'm happy with it ... read more

RyanBeadle15, Middlesbrough go to product
miCoach FIT SMART Best Training Device I've Ever Had
12 September 2015

I am a total geek about training devices, programs and data and have had far more than my share of devices after competitive bike racing for several year. I have had the FitSmart for just over 1 year and have used it 5 - 6 times per week every week. Product Quality: Battery life is the same as the day I got, which is more than I can say for my phone. The heart rate monitor is just as accurate as chest strap monitors. Band is very comfortable and durable. Design:Well thought out an complete. The watch communicates with you via colored lights and vibrations to let you know what training zone you are in, if it's the right zone for the workout and gives you 5 seconds notice before a training zone change. You can workout with or without your phone and easily synch the workout afterward. Watch paired w phone allows you to track speed and distance by GPS and stride sensor, heart rate, calories burned, fastest mile and elevation. Micoach Awesomeness: The micoach website and app interface brings it all together. On the site, you can design your own training program, ranging from running races, to sport specific, to general fitness. The programs integrate strength, endurance and flexibility. The programs are periodized to gradually build up your capacity and taper your efforts to prevent overtraining. The running workouts have great variety, from steady state endurance building to intervals to build speed and strength. Adidas teaches you to train the right way! During strength training workouts, the micoach app includes an animated video to show you how to properly perform an exercise right on the screen of your phone. You can track your weight, reps, even the shoes you wore. Their program has it all, if you get geeked out like I do, you can deep dive into the data, or if you want easy guidance and feedback, they make it quick and simple. Seriously, the best overall product out there! ... read more

KSchirm, Bethesda, MD go to product
Power 2 Backpack A great backpack
11 September 2015

I wanted a decent cool backpack to take on family days out, that would fit in all the paraphernalia and be comfy to carry. This is perfect for the job and the side mesh pockets are great for the kids to have easy access to their water bottles. the laptop compartment inside is really useful as a separate section or to fit the iPad in safely. I love the retro feel of the ochre colour too. This is a great buy and good value too. ... read more

Yorkshiregirl, London go to product
miCoach FIT SMART Never a problem
04 September 2015

Have used the Fit Smart for about six months while exercising. Never a problem. Accurate heart monitoring while cycling, spinning, running on a treadmill and working out in other ways. Establish goals based on heart rate and monitor heart response during cooling off. ... read more

ABrummie2, Chicago, Illinois go to product
miCoach Smart Run Only running watch with all these functions and does them well
29 August 2015

Got this watch for the heart monitoring after using Endomondo on a smartphone for years. I was concerned about all the negative reviews but couldn't find a better option and have ended up being extremely pleased with the purchase. I think many of the complains have been resolved with subsequent software updates. The two major issues still present are battery life and a delay for GPS to make initial connection. Both are very manageable for me: I charge the watch every night and plan on the 30 plus seconds for a connection on every run, and am often pleasantly surprised that the wait is shorter. Once GPS is found, it is reliable and accurate and every subsequent workout will find GPS immediately. Heart rate monitor is a nice addition and accurate but after working with the miCoach program, I've stuck with primarily tracking by pace. Love the miCoach workouts with full feedback and am currently using the Boston 1/2 Marathon plan for October. Music is awesome over bluetooth (I use a Plantronics Backbeat Fit) and I am very impressed with the free Mix Radio program. I wipe the back of the watch down after every run to make sure it doesn't oxidize like some other users have had happen. I don't have experience with other watches but all seem to have their limitations. This one had the most upside and I am very happy to report that it has performed better than expected for me. I am very happy with the purchase. ... read more

JAM38, Boston go to product
Power 2 Backpack 100% Quality Recommendation
15 August 2015

This bag was everything I wanted and more. I originally bought this bag for sporting events so I could have a trusty little backpack for the small stuff getting too and from events, and then a team bag for all my clothes and equipment. However, I now use it for university as well. It holds my laptop, and 3x textbooks with separate writing books without failing me. I love this bag and I highly recommend it. ... read more

miCoach Smart Run Cool watch but Very disappointing!
09 August 2015

Don't get me wrong Adidas, this is a very cool watch and I love the features it comes with BUT... There are so many bugs in the software that I don't know if it's all MiCoach watches or just my "Lemon". I have problems like finding GPS freezes or takes 15 minutes to find. This happens on average every 3 runs. I've had this watching coming up 12 months and I'm worried about Warranty. The watch has even frozen to the point of rebooting itself without me pressing anything. YES Adidas I'm forever checking updating software as well as rebooting as well as setting it back to factory settings over the last 12 months. There's been numerous times I've wanted to take it off my wrist and throw it as far as I can throw, but that would be silly because it's a $500 WATCH!!! ADIDAS PLEASE HELP, WARRANTY ENDING SOON. ... read more

Johnellab, Brisbane, Australia. go to product
Power 2 Backpack Super like
03 August 2015

I like the color and design. It is perfect for my everyday activities. It is heavy duty and has smart perks like a paddede laptop compartment, side mesh pockets and compression straps to keep the load secure. ... read more

Marie21, Alberta go to product
Power 2 Backpack Bag you can see in to!
31 July 2015

I bought this backpack because it is not black inside. I want to be able to see whats in there and black bags are literally a black hole. Also - the bright colour means my sons won't want to borrow it off me! ... read more

lyndyjen, sydney go to product
Running Light Great running accessory
27 July 2015

I bought this running light just over a month a go. I have used it for several runs and have found it very handy and comfortable. I wear it around my wrist. Because of it's versatility in its fit, I've even put it on my dogs collar when we go to the park at night! ... read more

WJackson, Melbourne, Australia go to product
Climachill Run Hat Exactly what I was looking for
08 July 2015

I wanted a cool and breathable hat for running, as we're having an actual summer in the UK this year. The shock has caused many runners to take another look at their gear. I had my misgivings because the hat is black, but I need not have worried. This is a wonderfully cool and breathable item, which appears to block UV nicely too. The material is lightweight and incredibly soft, and almost vanishes in use, you can barely feel it. The internal sweatband works well, and there's decent all-round reflectivity too. It's not flash, but there are lots of thoughtful touches. I'm very happy with it, and would buy another tomorrow, if lost mine. ... read more

Moomintrollop, London, UK go to product
Climachill Run Hat climachill cap
26 June 2015

Very good cap made with climachill fabric which is the softest material. This cap is a bit different from the other caps I have had in that it sits very deep on my head (ends up just above ears) and I usually have to use both hands to take it off! ... read more

festivus, Montreal go to product
Climachill Run Hat Great for a run
14 June 2015

Having bought this cap, first thing I noticed was how little it weighed. Having ran a 10k with it on I hardly knew it was on my head. It has a snap fastening on the back if you need to adjust it any point. I liked how it fitted and would recommend this hat. ... read more

Jay2308, Wirral, UK go to product
miCoach Smart Run No more chest straps..yay
19 May 2015

Build quality of unit is top notch, just make sure to wipe the HeartRate sensor area (or the whole underneath of watch) with a damp cloth so the residual salts from body is removed from watch this after every run. This should minimize chances of rust that i have heard few folks complain about. Apart from that unit performs fine, you get access to MIXRADIO, GPS lock is quick. Internal memory is wee bit limited compared to my 16GB MotoActv , in run telemetry updates are synced whilst online - via Wifi and the miCoach website is very nicely laid out, allowing for progress/history etc... overall am very happy with purchase. ... read more

pheed, Mel, AU go to product
miCoach FIT SMART amazing smart fit band
15 May 2015

use only for 3 weeks but all good. the colours when your hr changing is awesome and the hr sensor working excelent - use for sweaty spinning classes and the sensor dont have any problem to rating at all. ... read more

danielpalfi, Notts go to product
Climachill Run Hat Fully recommend!
11 May 2015

I love this cap! I bought it as an alternative option to sunglasses for my first marathon abroad as I was worried about my head overheating. However, it was the best call to wear it instead. Whatever the science behind the lightweight and cool material is - it works! ... read more

Ange5408, Wiltshire, UK go to product
miCoach FIT SMART At last
07 May 2015

I bought the fit smart because I wanted a wrist heart rate monitor at a reasonable price. I don't need GPS etc because I already have that on my phone. This watch does exactly what I need it to do, monitor my heart rate (accurately) and tell me when I am in/out of zone by buzzing but not too often to become annoying. So far battery life seems good and it is easy to charge. The wrist strap is very comfortable but I'm not sure how durable it is going to be. The small is a good fit and I do have small wrists definitely buy large if you are male. ... read more

Yecartsk go to product
Heart Rate Monitor: Bluetooth® Smart Compatible including Textile Strap Train better with HR
26 April 2015

I've had the HR strap for about a year now and I have found that it has helped a lot with improving my training. The range is really good where i can wear the strap on court and have my phone linking 15m away. I do have the Fit Smart now which i wear most of the times but when your playing sport you aren't always able to wear a watch. I find the HR strap to be more accurate then the Fit Smart. I have to wash the strap after each session or it can get a bit smelly. After 12 months use i haven't had to replace the battery. ... read more

WJackson, Melbourne, Australia go to product
Climachill Run Hat Great running hat
26 April 2015

I love this hat! Very lightweight for warm weather, nice deep brim to shade eyes and face. My favorite feature is the reflective strip all the way around the brim. I haven't tried washing it yet and the material is very soft, which is great but I'm a little worried it will pill. I'll try to update my review at some point with how the hat is holding up. As of now, I'm very happy with it and considering getting it in another color. ... read more

runlizrun, London, UK go to product
Power 2 Backpack Backpack Power 2
16 April 2015

Love love love Adidas bags!! - I have the team Canada duffel bag and also 2 of the women's club bags for gym , decided to get a backpack for hiking. Quality is good but I wish there's more colours to choose from - black would be nice! Great customer service - received my bag the next day via UPS. Thank you! I will definitely be ordering your goods online again. ... read more

MelissaOnt, Ontario , Canada go to product
Power 2 Backpack Really NIce Backpack
09 April 2015

Nice backpack for everyday use. I love the colour too as it is unusual shade of grey. Well thought of compartments make it pretty universal so will be handy for work as well as trips to the countryside ... read more

JL22, London, UK go to product
miCoach Smart Run Besides the horrible connectivity
07 April 2015

I have had my smart run for a little over a year now. I figured when I paid $400 dollars I would get top of the line! Like many have said, but I stuck with this watch. I have an I.T. background so I know new tech. would come with some problems. It's been a year now plenty of time to fix things! I'm not impressed still! I'm even thinking of buying a smart watch. Come on adidas fix the GPS, Bluetooth, and touch screen issues. One more thing get some new watch faces! Or you can send me the software to design some new ones then I'll upload them. Or at least make the watch face design software for sell. ... read more

Minibar, Texas go to product
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