Go beyond the limits with adidas Training. Discover how Karlie Kloss and All Blacks dominate their workouts with the latest collections.

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Strength training shoes

Made for strength and high intensity training, these men's and women's shoes feature a wider forefoot and extra stability.

Indoor training shoes

Elevate your training. These men's and women's shoes feature a full length BOOST™ midsole and extra grip for multi-directional agility movements.

Outdoor training shoes

Dominate your workout with these men's and women's shoes. Featuring BOUNCE™ cushioning and a tough upper, they're made for interval training on grass surfaces.

Weightlifting shoes

Maximise performance from the bench to the bar. These men's and women's shoes feature a high-density midsole for extra stability.

Training bags

Prepare for greatness. Featuring high quality materials and supreme comfort, adidas Training bags are designed for your ultimate workout.