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Women • adizero

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Reviews for: Women adizero

10 reviews
adizero Boston Boost 5 Shoes Great shoes, suit narrow feet
06 March 2016

I love these shoes, have been through a lot of trainers in trying to find the one, but these are the perfect mix of lightweight, but not too minimal. I wear them for racing and my long runs. However, adidas do come up quite narrow so if you've wide feet they might not suit you. ... read more

Trirunner go to product
adizero Boston Boost 5 Shoes My first true trainer for a marathon
27 February 2016

I'm new in this world of marathons... After run some half marathons I started in the London virgin money my adidas experience and .. What can I say.. It was awesome!!.. But now with the Boston 5 I've found my second skin on my foot. I recommend to anyone jump onto this model.. Light,smooth,flexible......response ... read more

Monchogonzalez, Canary Islands, Spain go to product
adizero Boston Boost 5 Shoes Good light running shoe
04 February 2016

A really good running shoe - it does come up a little small as other reviews say. I got the same size as my previous pair of adidas trainers and have found these giving me a bit of soreness on my toes on one foot after long runs. However, they are really comfy generally and I had no trouble with blisters etc. even though I ran in them straight out of the box! Because of the lightness, I haven't felt quite the same "boost" effect as my adistar boosts (which have a much thicker sole) so if you're after this I would go for one of the more sturdy shoes. ... read more

London, UK go to product
adizero Boston Boost 5 Shoes Love these shoes!
18 October 2015

Really light weight shoes perfect for speed work. The Continental soles give impressive grip whilst the Boost technology provides a firm but responsive feel. Slightly narrow in the front so would recommend a half size up but the mesh upper does provide plenty of flexibility. And I love the colours!! ... read more

Beth25, UK go to product
adizero Boston Boost 5 Shoes Great running shoe
30 August 2015

I buy my running shoes 1/2 a size bigger than my usual shoes and when I got these my first impression was they are too small. But thinking sending them back is a lot of hassle I tried them and they are perfect! They are light and you hardly feel that you wear trainers apart from having a sole to run on. Highly recommended! ... read more

Lotte99 go to product
adizero Boston Boost 5 Shoes Boston Boost 5 TSF is not Boston Boost 5
29 August 2015

The shoe shown on Adidas website saying Boston Boost 5 is actually Boston Boost 5 TSF. TSF has the "sock fit" liner and removed the extra suede strip across the front of the shoe that was on Boston Boost 5. The major difference in the TSF, ironically, is a thick rigid material that serves as anchor for the shoelace eyelets. This material extends much farther beyond the eyelets than it needs to and is not overlayed well by the tongue of the shoe. It chafes from the moment the shoe is put on. The Boston Boost 5 has a very narrow, soft, sewn-In anchor that is nothing like this that is not detectable by the foot. Boston was great when it was Boston 3; firm sole yet supportive and light, truly a marathon shoe that could go the distance with some speed. Boston 4 was too squishy. Boston 5 is not bad, took awhile to get accustomed to the Boost. But this shoe is not Boston Boost 5, it is Boston Boost 5 TSF. I will be sending back. I have been in Asides for the 15 years I have been running an am fairly disappointed in the oversight on this shoe with this excess rigid material in the shoe. The least they could do is cut back the material and sew in the tongue to completely cover. I hope this isn't a trend in this generation of Adidas shoes. ... read more

glamvamp, ATL go to product
adizero Boston Boost 5 Shoes I LOVE the Design of these sneakers- but they are WAY TOO NARROW in the front.
10 August 2015

I really wanted to love these. I love the look of them- great colors design and style- but after wearing them for a very short time they really hurt my toes. The toe box is just not high enough/tall enough, so there is not enough room for your toes to flex comfortably. I have narrow feet and these shoes were also very narrow, but not so narrow that it was a problem, but the height of the toe box seemed to be the issue for me. I really wish that the fabric in the front of the shoe was more like the supernova glide 7 boost shoes (flexible soft fabric) if that was the case then it would fix the issue. Sadly I will have to send them back. ... read more

sneakergirl718, NYC go to product
adizero Boston Boost 5 Shoes Caused terrible foot pain - I miss the Adizero Boston 4s.
05 August 2015

I've loved my Adizero Boston 3s and 4s and wanted to love the 5s, also, but I started experiencing tons of pain in the outer part of my foot (around the head of my 5th metatarsal), so much so that I thought I had a stews fracture. Turns out it was just the shoes. Thankfully I found a pair of the 4s online but I'm wondering what changed; I've never had this issue in any other shoe. Are they more narrow perhaps? Maybe the sole plate? ... read more

SeeLexiRun, Washington DC go to product
adizero Boston Boost 5 Shoes Amazing shoes!
21 July 2015

I'm an avid runner and I always choose Adidas shoes for my runs as they are most comfortable for me and I find them lasting considerably longer than my teammates shoes. I just purchased these shoes and I absolutely love them, extremely comfortable and aerodynamic. Love them! ... read more

alexah42, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania go to product
adizero Boston Boost 5 Shoes A new 10K PR in these shoes
05 July 2015

I recently started wearing Adidas running shoes. These are my 2nd pair. They are snug in the fore foot but that's why I like them. I found that this controls my foot better but I know some would feel it's too snug. It's just a different feel. They fit like a glove. I ran 3 races in 5 weeks (12K, 5K and the 10K Peachtree Atlanta Road Race). I won my division in the 12K and 5K and came 58th of nearly 2800 in my age group with 5 minutes faster than last year. They keep me on my toes more and propel me forward. I can't speak for anyone else but these are the shoes for me! ... read more

MoMelFL, Cartersville, GA go to product
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