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Reviews for: adidas Baselayer

141 reviews
Techfit Base Short Sleeve Tee Great
12 November 2015

Ordered large , buy large tee normally Nice snug fit , supports muscles well , seems to reduce muscular pains. Wear it under my tee or sweatshirt indoors and on it's own in the gym Also bought longsleeve version. Great flexibility and comfortable. Excellent ... read more

MightyQ, London , UK go to product
Techfit Cool Short Sleeve Tee high performance fabric/garment
10 November 2015

never used compression before... happily surprised. fabric is strong, supportive and assists in maintaining warmth. i purchased the large size (I'm 177 cm, 190 lbs, 42 chest, 32 waist) and know it's supposed to fit tight to fit right! would recommend Adidas compression garments as the fabric seems more robust and will likely last a while. Colour scheme is great, lines follow natural body contours ... read more

Samoan, Kamloops go to product
Techfit Cool Short Sleeve Tee Best Thing Since Sliced Bread
12 October 2015

Got this as a baselayer for cycling in the fall / winter. WOW keeps me warm, and cool at the same time. Don't feel drenched when done my ride. Best purchase this season!!! Lets see how it holds for the winter rides. ... read more

Sanka76, Toronot go to product
Techfit Cool Short Sleeve Tee techfit great for karate.
11 October 2015

first items i order like this shirt was medium and still fit perfect. I dont know why on this color, its still medium btu its fit a little tight. maybe that will be more loose after a couple of washing... but its still good, just a little too tight. I use it for karate, with that i sweet less and get less hot inside kimono... ... read more

lermure, quebec go to product
Techfit Cool Short Sleeve Tee Good compression for the back
08 October 2015

I like these tops, and have a few. The mesh across the back provides even, medium compression on that area, the rest of the material is light enough to vent the heat while still offering light compression (A top made entirely out of the mesh would be, I think, too heavy and hot.) I find myself wearing it a lot to ease lower back strains. I'm around 5'10/177cm and 170lbs/77kg and fit either a medium or a small. The small is a bit of a struggle to get into but not restrictive; the medium is an easy fit and still offers a similar amount of compression. If you are worried about fit go for the bigger size and it'll still do the trick. I prefer this style to the powerweb shirts of years past as the compression is more even and there are no plastic-y bands to get stuck on sweaty skin. Sleeves go all the way to the elbow. ... read more

MattScott, Canada go to product
Techfit Base Short Tights 9 inch Much more better than other brands.
05 October 2015

i have used loads of tights from other brands and i must since i have brought Adidas Techfit Base short Tights it has been good and fitted so far and i felt more confortable in them than other brands tights ... read more

Grebzionk, London UK go to product
Techfit Cool Short Sleeve Tee Perfect Fit, Perfect Support
29 September 2015

I work out in the gym a lot and when I do, I would need support for my body (especially at the back) and I would also want to stay cool as possible as I can. If you're having the same problem, then Techfit Cool Short Sleeve Tee might just be your solution. It does exactly what I needed. Just be sure to get the right size because it will give you the full benefits. Thanks, Adidas! :-) ... read more

Allen7, Cardiff, Wales, UK go to product
Techfit Base Short Sleeve Tee Usual quality compression from Adidas
18 September 2015

Adidas is the manufacturer of the compression base layers I prefer and this top is another fine example of the quality products they produce in this range. I only have one small gripe, why does there have to be so many garment care labels? It took me about 20 minutes to remove them all, but this needs to be done otherwise you are likely to be irritated by the labels during a long run or similar period of prolonged exercise. ... read more

AndyCam, Aberdeen, Scotland go to product
Techfit Powerweb Short Tight Bit of a gimmick
14 September 2015

I bought these and the basic Techfit just to see the difference. I've never noticed the benefit from compression tights (probably due to my mediocre level of athleticism!) so I'm really just wearing them to combat friction. These tights are OK, and the 'power web' does help to lock them into position and stop them from riding up, but in the future I would save some money and go with the basic ones or spend some extra and get proper compression tights. ... read more

Brysrj, Melbourne AUS go to product
Techfit Cool Sleeveless Tee Techfit Cool Tee
17 August 2015

Made from sweat soaking climacool fabric and featuring techfit™ that supports and focuses muscles, great for hard workout. give you upper body support and looks great. I wear it on its own or under another tee shirt. ... read more

runner3 go to product
Techfit Base Short Sleeve Tee Great shirt
16 August 2015

As a taller guy, I was hoping this would have a decent length to it and was glad to find that was the case. Quite a tight fit but that was what I was looking for - it is a compression shirt after all! ... read more

JamesC, Manchester, UK go to product
Techfit Cool Short Sleeve Tee Tech fit cool short sleeve tee
10 August 2015

Very nice fitting top not to tight not to loose, comfortable and looks great! Having warn it for body pump and body attack excellent sweat wasn't a proble and did help with the hot tempetures during the work outs!! All in all very good gear!!! ... read more

Scotty1000, Plymouth go to product
Techfit Base Short Tights 9 inch Fantastic performance, fit and style
06 August 2015

I bought these shorts to wear for mixed martial arts training, and they have exceeded my expectations. The shorts fit perfectly (I have a size 30 waist and bought a medium) and so are very comfortable. They are lightweight but extremely durable, holding up during both kicking and ground work. At the price I bought these shorts and the quality, I even ordered a second pair. Highly recommended. ... read more

Quandon, Newcastle, UK go to product
Techfit Powerweb Short Tight Great Long Short
06 July 2015

These are a great training short but really are a weird length. They go right up onto the kneecap. If you don't like that length don't buy these. The shorts do have a great lightweight compression feel to them but that length just isn't right!! ... read more

JD24, Pier go to product
Techfit Cool Sleeveless Tee Beware compression shirts
21 June 2015

Difficult to review as I have just sent the shirt back because it was too tight. What the description on the web site forgot to mention was that the garment was a compression fit and as such was very, very tight and would be extremely difficult to remove after a good and sweaty session in the gym or after running. I went by the on site advice on sizing but there should be some advice that if a looser fit was required a larger size should be ordered. However, I was extremely pleased by the simplicity of the returns process - probably the simplest I have used and I will be ordering an extra large once I have received my credit. ... read more

Alnic, Coventry go to product
Techfit Cool Short Sleeve Tee Excellent compression top
16 June 2015

I read a review somewhere that said all compression tops were about the same so you should buy whatever is cheap and what fits. My experience is that the fabrics differ quite substantially and I've found the Adidas version much more comfortable and with a better compressed feel - the fabric feels more stable somehow. A major bonus is the sleeves, which are longer than others I own and also closer fitting; there's plenty of stretch for people with big arms, but if you're a slim build it won't be baggy. I also bought a 'Power' version in the sale. It may have been a previous generation, but of the two I definitely prefer this one. ... read more

OfficerDibble, Cambridge, UK go to product
Techfit Powerweb Short Tight Extra stamina...
25 May 2015

Great fit with good compression, a little long sitting just a touch above the knee, like others have said. Used them several times for football and basketball, as well as fitness training and running, and it does seem to help noticeably with fatigue in the hamstrings. Quick drying and look great. Highly recommend this product. ... read more

Benharjon, South australia go to product
Techfit Powerweb Short Tight Great power
26 April 2015

I use these tights for basketball and they work great! The bands stretch as I jump to provide more power which i find helps especially at the end of the game. They are a little bit long and as i don't have the biggest thighs they can sit a tiny bit baggy on top of the knee. I'm about 178cm and 78kg. ... read more

WJackson, Melbourne, Australia go to product
Techfit Powerweb Short Tight I like these shorts.
16 March 2015

Pros: -These shorts do tighten the muscle really well, not sure if the bands are well placed. -Definitely make you feel more athletic and warm. -Materials seem really good. Cons: -Would've been perfect if the band or seam didn't scratch into my right butt. -They don't have that disappearing feeling. ... read more

AlwaysTrue, Canada go to product
Techfit Base Short Tights 9 inch Perfect !!
11 March 2015

I had been looking for short running tights for a couple of weeks, unsure which ones to go for. I'm very pleased with my decision to buy Techfit. They offer support and another layer under my running shorts on the cold winter nights! ... read more

DavyB67, Bearsden, Glasgow go to product
Techfit Base Short Sleeve Tee Great purchase
23 February 2015

I purchased this shirt for use when running/playing sports. It's got a great look and is comfortable. I am about 6' and 175 pounds and found that a size medium was a perfect fit. It's a great purchase if you are looking for a medium amount of compression, but I admit I would like to try one with a little more support to see the difference. ... read more

DylboBaggins, Chesterville, ON go to product
Techfit Powerweb Short Tight Great for power sports!
19 January 2015

I am a Scottish sprinter and have been buying powerweb garments every year since 2010. The product is perfect for sports such as weightlifting, athletics or even swimming. they do feel like they help hold the muscles in place and offer great compression. The only thing i would say is that they are slightly long, i am a medium but they felt slightly long so i bought a small and they still feel like they are a little long. ... read more

shaun94, Scotland go to product
Techfit Power Short sleeve Tee Downgrade from Previous Model
26 December 2014

Removing the Powerbands on the front of the shirt just makes this shirt like any other base layer top. Not much compression and didn't really feel the V-shaped Powerbands on the back. Not a bad shirt but nothing to write home about. ... read more

Sheik2015, Ontario go to product
Techfit Base Short Sleeve Tee Ordered Wrong Size
13 December 2014

As other reviews advised, I ordered a size below my usual Large. However, this came up tiny and I had to send back. On the refunding information there was no option to just exchange sizes, and now it will cost me more to repurchase. Good design and looks, material feels good. ... read more

frgejngnk go to product
Techfit Cool Short Sleeve Tee I Love this T-Shirt....
10 December 2014

This is a top quality product, make no mistake. I bought 3 of these tops in a medium size (I'm 5'10", 32inch waist, 42 inch chest) because I wanted something a bit more suited to the gym than just whatever T-shirt I could find in my wardrobe. This T-Shirt is perfect for the gym. It is super-tight fitting and makes me look WAY more shredded than I actually am (or that my Body Fat %age says I should be!). The material is smooth, comfortable, doesn't snag and grips everywhere it touches, which helps both define my shape and compress the muscles in my arms and chest, which is what you want when working out. It does wick away sweat/moisture very quickly on the main body, which can have quite a big cooling effect. It will be perfect in the summer, but if your gym is cold or you workout outside, perhaps try the TechHeat version. ... read more

NightHawk, London, UK go to product
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