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Women • Boost

(12 Products)

adistar Boost Glow Shoes Women Running
$ 242
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Energy Boost ESM Shoes Women Running
$ 210
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Ultra Boost Shoes Women Running
$ 242
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Ultra Boost Shoes Women Running
$ 250
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Energy Boost ESM Shoes Women Running
$ 210
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Energy Boost ESM Shoes Women Running
$ 200
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Terrex Boost GTX Shoes Women Outdoor
$ 280
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pureboost chill Women Running
$ 180
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Supernova Glide Boost 7 Shoes Women Running
$ 230
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adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes Women Running
$ 240
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Questar Boost Techfit Shoes Women Running
$ 150
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Reviews for:adidas Women - Boost

49 reviews
Energy Boost ESM Shoes Cute Shoes, Strange Fit
09 October 2015

These shoes are super cute and comfortable. I wear them as every day shoes. They go with all sorts of things, and I get regularly complimented on them. The strange thing with this shoe (as well as Adidas Power Boost shoes) is that the fit is off. I wear a size 7 but I had to get these in a size 8. The 7.5 felt too snug, and the 8 is a little too big, but I opted for a looser fit as the lesser of the evils. (I've never, ever worn a size 8.) The store employees said a lot of people have trouble with the fit as well. ... read more

scrubjay, Portland, OR go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Incredibly Comfortable
08 October 2015

I love these adidas running shoes. They are incredibly comfortable, made of great durable and breathable mesh material, feel springy to the step, and look great. NOTE * I would recommend these shoes to road runners only, as they don't have much lateral support. They are not suitable for cross training or trail running, but super for road running, walking, and gym equipment workouts. ... read more

Super Boost Rocks go to product
Supernova Sequence Boost 8 Shoes Love these!
04 October 2015

I absolutely love these shoes and have now purchased in three colors. I have low arches and they provide me the stability I need to do all my workouts. I am not a runner, but I do a lot of weight training and high impact workouts. I find these to be light weight, very supportive and true to size. I also like the color selections, although the pink is much brighter in person and not to my taste. ... read more

KLW go to product
Terrex Boost GTX Shoes Love the look, but cant feel the benefit of the boost
29 September 2015

Bought these because they are the best looking outdoor waterproof shoe out there, the colors are great and not over the top girly or juvenile! But I was disappointed to put them on and not feel that beautiful boost technology at my feet. The soles are quite stiff compared to my previous pair of outdoor H2O proof shoes. And now after walking around in them a lot, they haven't really loosened up in flexibility. Disappointed that I am not able to feel the amazing boost technology in this shoe, but otherwise it's a good shoe. ... read more

AmyMay go to product
Questar Boost Techfit Shoes Very nice
24 September 2015

Very nice feel of the material, really give a bounce when walking, what makes them stand out is upper mesh is very very soft with barely any other seams or other pieces other than the three stripes so there is literally nothing to sore your foot. would probably feel ok even for wide feet because of that ... read more

zwer4e go to product
Supernova Glide Boost 7 Shoes Bring back the 6
19 September 2015

I had trained and ran numerous half and full marathons in the Supernova Glide 6 with zero injury. I was happy to see new colors available in the updated version and couldn't wait to get my hands on a pair. I got the black and green. The aesthetics are great-- definitely a sexy shoe. Unfortunately, the stripes on these shoes dug into my foot and actually bruised me. I kept them for 2 weeks to make sure I didn't just need to wear them in. When they didn't feel any different I returned them and bought the exact same pair again, hoping the first pair was defective. I was disappointed when the same thing happened with the second pair, leading me to return and not re-buy. I hope Adidas fixes this in the next version of this shoe. I have read reviews of similar complaints from others. Otherwise this shoe would have been great. I love the way it looks, it has great cushion, it's breathable, yet warm in the winter, and has awesome durability and traction, but something with the new techfit structure leads to the stripes digging into the sides of your feet. If they can fix this I will be sure to go back to Adidas running shoes. ... read more

Benna, Arlington, VA go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Awesome running shoes
14 September 2015

So I was hypnotizing them for months, just to order them for half marathon. As crazy as it sounds but I actually worn them first time ever for great north run, but I had no choice as my other running shoes were only meant to be for gym. I did no wrong! They got perfectly, after reading reviews, went for half size bigger than normally do, but they so light and knitted that fit absolutely perfectly, had no pain no trouble after 13 miles. Thank you, adidas ... read more

Whatever13, Newcastle, UK go to product
adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes Great performer
14 September 2015

Adidas Adios Boost 2.0 might be the best running shoes I've ever had. They are light and tight, there is just the right amount of cushioning and the outsole is great. That being said, they are not perfect. The inner material could be better or there could be lining. Now it is almost impossible to run without any socks. Especially the inner part of the toe box area has pretty harsh seams. ... read more

Laurentios, Greece go to product
Supernova Sequence Boost 8 Shoes Stiff material on the top of these shoes
04 September 2015

I really wish they would make these shoes with the Primeknit or techfit or some kind more stretchy forgiving fabric/structure on the top. The whole bottom of the shoe feels well constructed, seems to give support and stability - but the toe box is too low in these shoes- making them tight in the toes - need more room in the front! ... read more

sneakergirl718, NYC go to product
pureboost chill Best purchase ever!!!
03 September 2015

I don't think that I have ever bought a pair of Adidas before but these Boost shoes are amazing!!! I usually buy shoes with gel but they aren't as comfortable as these. I can wear them all day(standing at work) and my feet still feel as though I could skip around the block after I clock out. ... read more

Teeny3, Cornelius, OR go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Amazing!
02 September 2015

I have a slight runner addiction so when I say these are probably the most comfortable runners I have purchased in a very long time, I mean it! It's like walking on air, they are so comfortable. True to size, perfect fit. Did a run this morning and have no complaints, it's like walking on air....and they look fantastic as well. ... read more

Measy11, australia go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Great design- some fit issues for me.
01 September 2015

I love the Primeknit fabric on the top of these shoes. I wish Adidas would make more shoes with this fabric!! Its just perfect for sneakers. Its a snug, sock like fit, and stretches a little bit as you wear them to fit the shape of your foot. The shoe is very narrow- but the narrow fit also helps to give some support (I do have narrow feet to begin with). I would go shorter with these shoes. I ordered a 9.5 online and got a 9 elsewhere and the 9 fits better - since without a tighter fit, there is nothing to keep my foot from sliding around. There is literally no arch support in them so I put arch support insoles inside the shoes which makes them feel better for me. I'm not sure why so many shoes on the market do not have arch support. These are a keeper for me in the smaller size- and the style of these shoes is just great! I love the minimalist design. ... read more

sneakergirl718, NYC go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Perfect run!
31 August 2015

Love these ultra boost shoes. Very comfortable and energy reviving to the foot while running. Although, I had first purchased the desired color of white and silver grey ltd. edition. I was unable to keep them as it felt too snug on the top of my foot. I have worn Adidas for 28 yrs. and have always worn a 7 1/2. This shoe I needed to go up to an eight. Please advise. I was bummed at the color selection after having to send them back. They sold out of the ltd. colors. I'm liking the yellow ok. Wish they would get more colors for the women!!! I will never wear Nike again, but they are definitely coming out with great looking shoes. Adidas needs to step it up in the esthetic category. ... read more

Lucylove, Hawaii go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Too narrow
31 August 2015

I love the boost technology. It makes walking and running a breeze, smoothly bouncing off every step. But unfortunately the ultra boosts are too narrow for my wide feet. I normally wear a size 10, and the ultraboost plastic cage digs into my foot and causes pain at this size - so I returned them and got a 10.5. Even then the plastic cage digs into the side of my feet. A size 11 feels like a clown shoe with a good 1.5 inches of space between my big toe and the end of the shoe. The narrow fitting cage just ruins any potential comfort I have in this shoe. At this stage I am considering cutting off the plastic cage and wearing them as a casual shoe. What a shame, especially considering the very high price. ... read more

bshaas, Melbourne, Australia go to product
Supernova Glide Boost 7 Shoes Great shoe
20 August 2015

I have tried and worn the ultras, the energy boost, and the supernova glides....I did not like the ultras too much cushion....but I like the supernova's and the energy boosts...I alternate my it's great.... ... read more

runnergirl54, Carlos,MN go to product
Supernova Sequence Boost 8 Shoes AVerage
16 August 2015

Having purchased many of the supernovas previously, this new boost is only average. The shoe has minimal spring/cushion when compared to running shoes. The sides now stick out awkwardly of this updated model when the previous shoe did not. I hope the next model will be more streamlined and feel more comfortable to wear. ... read more

Beachbound go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Adidas ultra brilliant Boost!!!
15 August 2015

Adidas deliver once again!!! One of the most comfortable and stylish running shoes ever made in my opinion... Not only catering for superior comfort ... Adidas have delivered another style statement with this sick black on black colour way!! Definitely recommend these shoes.. Not only for running but to wear casually 10/10!! ... read more

Jono27, Hatfield go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Fantastic!
26 July 2015

Fantastic trainers for both daily use and also running. I have lots of different styles of Nike Free Run but they don't compare to the comfort of my Ultra Boost. I'd recommend going up 1/2 a size in these if you have wide feet, as they're very narrow (I am a size UK 4 and still wear a size UK 4 in these as I have narrow feet, but they're still very snug). They look very neat on also. ... read more

Ashleigh39, London, UK go to product
adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes Adidas Zero - The Old Version
21 July 2015

The Adidas Zero Boost 2.0 are ok. The fit is good, however the feel is not the same. They seem heavier than the ones I bought 1 1/2 years ago and definitely not the same as the ones I bought four years ago. The arch in the sneakers do not feel right, as if they are not in the right spot, yet if they were any smaller my feet would be cramped especially when I am running. Other than that, I would certainly not buy any other brand than Adidas Zero. They are the best sneaker to be able to put on brand new and run 5 km without hurting your feet or knees. ... read more

Kris4 go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes LOVEMYBOOST
23 June 2015

Love my ultra boost shoe. Had go down a 1/2 size from 7 to 6 /12. Did my 1st run in them yesterday morning, great. Springy lots of cushion, I am very pleased with them. This is my 3rd pair, had the 1st and 2nd addition, loved them both as well. Wouldn't run in anything else. Best running shoes for me ever. :) ... read more

JasCas, Decatur, Al. go to product
Questar Boost Techfit Shoes shoe with an enticing colour
08 June 2015

I was looking for a running shoe that I could also wear in daily life. The heel fits perfectly, although the sole is very broad in the back. Top of the shoe is made of soft tissue, almost too thin and seems very vulnerable - time will tell. The stitches / parts of the material of the cushions on the inside of the shoe, where the laces end (last hole of the laces before binding them) is very stiff and if the tongue moves, that part of the cushions press against the instep and can be hurtful. Other than that, I love the colour and they walk amazing! ... read more

Lucciola, Belfast, UK go to product
adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes Nice light yet supportive shoe
17 May 2015

Overall, it's a decent shoe. Nice and lightweight so good for speedwork, but also enough support for something like a marathon. Have used them in half marathons and marathon. My only complaint is the fine mesh lets in water when it rains or even when its done raining and the streets are wet. I don't recall my feet feeling quite so wet in past shoes I've worn when it's done raining and the streets are wet. ... read more

Bikila, Belvidere,IL go to product
adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes Awesome shoe
28 April 2015

This is my first pair of flat shoes. I thought I would give them a go for my shorter runs. I love them. They really push you on your run. My calves are working harder and they feel stronger. These shoes let you make your pace quicker. I like them on hills too. They need breaking in though. Not an out of the box racer. I would like to try them on a longer run too. ... read more

Jellybean72, waikato, NZ go to product
adizero Adios Boost 2.0 Shoes Great item
21 April 2015

Lightweight, comfortable from day one, lovely colour & breathable fabric. Perfect for high impact sports. Own a few pairs & the purchases have been worth the money. Sizing good as well as sometimes you have to go up half in adidas but true to sizing for me with these. Would recommend boost designs. ... read more

Boxit, Leeds go to product
Questar Boost Techfit Shoes Perfect!
17 April 2015

I was advised to buy these from the Live Chat on the website, as I run about 15 hours per week outside. They are springy, durable, oh so comfortable, and great value for money too. They have improved my technique and make running a lot more enjoyable! ... read more

Fraanchie, Basingstoke go to product
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