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Women • Neutral

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Reviews for: Women Neutral

226 reviews
supernova glide 8 Love those shoes but we're not made for me
24 April 2016

I otdered those shoes after reading several reviews of happy cistumers. The shoes looks amazing and the feeling of the boost some us unbelievable, however I found the sides to be too rigid and since I have wide feet, they were a bit uncomfortable....I ran with them 2K and I was starting to have sore feet . I ended up returning them and getting the supernova. I really think the glide are amazing and gorgeous looking shoes but unfortunately, I needed a wider upper. ... read more

Wannabe65, Montreal go to product
energy boost 3 Upper lets the trainers down.
24 April 2016

The rigid plastic stripes on the outer side of the shoe rub my feet, so for this reason I would not buy these trainers again, other than this the boost shoe has the same energy properties I rely upon. ... read more

Kim65 go to product
ultra boost Most comfy sneaker that I own!
19 April 2016

The Ultraboost is an awesome shoe! I know that it's a running shoe and is perfect for that purpose but it is so comfortable that I wear it ALL the time (aside from when I dress formally). It is, BY FAR, the most comfortable shoe that I own and it impressed me so much that I bought my wife, who is a nurse and works on her feet 90% of the day, a pair as well. She feels the same. I will, attempt to purchase as many colors of the shoe as possible. I know it's popular and that will make it hard to purchase but I will try. Help me out The fit is perfect for neutral sized feet. I suggest going up a half size of you have a slightly wide or wide foot. ... read more

Bigg Bro, Joliet, IL go to product
ultra boost Love it
10 April 2016

I loved the trainers but unfortunately I need to return them because one of the trainer was faulty.I try them in different colour before ,but I really liked this pair.I would order again,very comfortable. ... read more

Adka, London,UK go to product
Duramo 7 Shoes Confort all day
02 April 2016

I never thought i can wear running shoes all day long , cause i used to have pain in my back, since i tried this one i m used to put it all day inside and outside it s very confortable especially while running and walking on treadmill. ... read more

Ranrouna, Canada go to product
ultra boost Absolute perfection.
01 April 2016

These have to be the best training shoe I have ever bought, I own 4 pairs of ultra boost and find them all incredible. Perfect for all disciplines and seriously head turning! I've never had so many compliments about my shoes! I do buy a whole size bigger in all adidas designs though. I have also never actually tied the laces yet they are so supportive over the whole foot. Just like wearing a sock! ... read more

Girlwholifts, Cornwall go to product
supernova glide 8 Feel like I'm running on clouds.
30 March 2016

So so so comfortable. Don't need any wearing in. Pop them straight on and run. There's a bit of a strange ridge by the toes making it a bit awkward to plank whilst moving... but apart from that perfect. ... read more

nigelslater, Bristol go to product
ultra boost Ultra boost
23 March 2016

I recently bought these ultra boost with the recommendation of a good friend, unaware to how comfy these actually were.i can honestly say these are the most comfiest shoes I have ever had the pleasure of putting I my feet ... read more

Sutty25, Liverpool go to product
ultra boost My new best running shoes
22 March 2016

Great running shoes up to now , not done any really long runs in them yet but have gone up to 8 miles with no problems. Comfort and fit great, hopefully they will stand up to long runs but I am a bit concerned on how long they will last . ... read more

ck38, merseyside go to product
ultra boost WHAT A SHAME
22 March 2016

Ultra Boost are great shoes and I've been addicted to them, these last ones I received are just too wide, they seem to have not cut the material correctly and they are just baggy!!! RIDICULOUS, bring back the old sizings!! WOMEN HAVE NARROWER FEET, NOT BOATS. ONE UNHAPPY CUSTOMER ... read more

shifty44, london go to product
ultra boost Love em!
21 March 2016

Great look. Comfy fit and very stylish. I do struggle putting them on since I have hip implants and the "pull-on" style is a little hard to manage since my hips don't rotate comfortably. But I've been sitting on the bed or sofa to pull them on and that helps. Looking forward to Spring so I can try them out at the walking track around the lake! ... read more

JHope, Anniston Alabama go to product
energy boost 3 Disappointing
19 March 2016

I bought the Energy Boost two years ago and loved the fit, so decided to get the updated version. The fit was still good, but two weeks after I got the shoe the fabric shoe lace guide came loose. This could be a fluke, but I doubt it. The original plastic reinforced holes were much more durable. Not sure why the designers messed with success, but I can't recommend this shoe. ... read more

Susan600, Vienna, Virginia go to product
energy boost 3 So happy Energy Boost is back!
19 March 2016

I have owned all the Energy Boost shoes from the start! I was sad when Adidas phased out Energy Boost and introduced Ultra Boost....Ultra Boost is an extremely cushiony shoe, a bit too cushiony! The Energy Boost 3 is the perfect marriage of support and cushion. Hoping Adidas introduces more colors!! ... read more

Ahewie1, NY go to product
ultra boost BEST SHOE EVER!!!
18 March 2016

This is my fourth pair of ultra boost, they really do fit like a glove! So comfortable, the fit is true to size and I'm living the new colours. Will defiantly be getting another pair, no others fit like them. ... read more

HAPPY22, CROATIA go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Best purchase ever
18 March 2016

The size is slightly smaller than the size I used to wear, however, the cutting is perfect and just fit my feet. The shoes are light and comfortable. I hope there will be more colour and design come up in the future. Ultra boots is the best design of adidas ever! ... read more

China go to product
Duramo 7 Shoes Great shoes!!
18 March 2016

I made sure I read the reviews first and it said to get a half a size smaller, so I decided to listen and they were perfect size. Very comfy and wide enough for your feet to breathe/feel comfortable whilst running. Lovely bright colour also! ... read more

Emilyjane go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes White on White UltraBoosts
16 March 2016

Love love love the ultra boosts! They run half a size small and you need the extra lowcut socks but they are incredible on and soooo comfortable. I need Adidas to make them in dark grey for women and the all black with black sole PLEASE ADIDAS TAKE MY MONEY! ... read more

MoneyX go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes Best trainers ever!!!
15 March 2016

The trainers were recommende to me by Ewa Chodakowska and I need to say they the best trainers I ever had. Description says 'they're build with boost' and it's true. I live it. I even start jogging every morning. This trainers are worth single penny, no regret. Thank you Adidas. ... read more

Domi3, Poland go to product
supernova glide 8 Very disappointed
08 March 2016

I have always purchased the glide boost range and until now I have to admit I've never had a problem. Unfortunately the Supernova Glide 8s are much narrower than the previous editions. I wore them recently during a half marathon and I had blisters and a bruise across the front of both of my feet. I am very disappointed as I've never had a problem before. ... read more

Sabrina77, Dundalk, Ireland go to product
adizero Boston Boost 5 Shoes Great shoes, suit narrow feet
06 March 2016

I love these shoes, have been through a lot of trainers in trying to find the one, but these are the perfect mix of lightweight, but not too minimal. I wear them for racing and my long runs. However, adidas do come up quite narrow so if you've wide feet they might not suit you. ... read more

Trirunner go to product
energy boost 3 A little underwhelmed
06 March 2016

I had a pair of energy boost from about 2 years which I love so when I saw they had come out in black I decided to buy them again. I feel they are not as cushioned on the sole and around my foot. I have also got the energy boost in pink and to me they feel the same as the energy boost minus ALL dthe comfort. I wish I purchased the latest black energy boost instead as $$ it's not a huge difference. ... read more

D3D3, Melbourne go to product
ultra boost Running on Air
05 March 2016

Was unsure whether to buy online without trying first, however, needn't have worried as these shoes fit perfectly. I am not a lightweight runner or a fast one, but I felt like I was running on air wearing these shoes; just so comfortable throughout. ... read more

tutu22, Herefordshire go to product
Duramo 7 Shoes Excellent !
04 March 2016

Had a slightly swollen ankle (ball joint) and these helped loads. I used a running gait analysis treadmill, tried on many trainers and these were the best by far. Great to take to the gym as light, but very cushioned on the heel. Good everyday trainers or gym ones. ... read more

Turlando4 go to product
energy boost 3 Fit like a glove
04 March 2016

I decided to splash out on a new pair of trainers after using my old ones to death. I am so pleased with my purchase. They are so soft on yet provide plenty of comfort and support when running. They look good too. Great pair of trainers. ... read more

Mia32, London, UK go to product
Ultra Boost Shoes awesome runners!
04 March 2016

Bought these for my wife who has recently stepped up her running game (I've been wearing the men's version since they were first released). Long story short - she loves them. Extremely light, comfortable and great design! She was amazed at how great they feel from the first run - you don't need to break in these shoes. ... read more

London14, London, UK go to product
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