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Women • Purple

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Reviews for: Women Purple

95 reviews
ClimaChill Tank Very cool
18 April 2016

Love this top, the fit is fantastic, material is light weight but sturdy and does actually feel cool when working out, Not refreshingly cool but like the material does not retain any heat. I am a size 12 usually and M fits perfectly. ... read more

KathyR, Queensland, Australia go to product
pureboost x Love them
17 April 2016

The Adidas pureboost x sneakers are what I have been looking for since I started working out. Compared to other sneakers I have tried these are amazingly comfortable, feel light, and support my feet. I would definetelly recommended them. ... read more

TortugaVerde, Bronx, N.Y go to product
pureboost x Great Product!
15 April 2016

I typically run 2-3 times a week and switched my regular running shoes for these ones for about 3 weeks. When I received the shoe my first impression was that it was absolutely beautiful. The shoe that I got came in the color Raw Purple/ Shock Red and I loved the fact that the laces also came in those colors. I got quite a few compliments while wearing these shoes. Besides appearance, the Pure Boost X also met my expectations in support and comfort. The floating arch makes for a more natural fit on the foot, and is pretty cool to look at. Adidas did provide me with the Pure Boost X for testing purposes but it is truly one of the most comfortable running shoes that I've owned and I would definitely recommend it. ... read more

Bianca233 go to product
pureboost x No Support At All
08 April 2016

This shoe is advertised as a running shoe but has zero support for the foot. The awkward gap between the shoe and the foam shoe actually makes the foot quite unstable - I was terrified that I'd roll an ankle due to the instability. Cute designs. I wish these would have worked out. ... read more

RunningAddict, Indiana go to product
pureboost x Light and Swift!
05 April 2016

Adidas provided me these shoes for testing purposes. I have had the chance to run in them numerous times and so far they have held up quite well. There are some things I really love about this shoe. First and foremost, it's light, and makes you feel fast. I think it's a grea shoe for sprints or shorter runs (3-6 miles). I haven't tried it on longer distances. I appreciate that it hugs my foot. It actually feels like an extension of my foot which provides a great sense of stability. I like that it is not at all bulky. In terms of sizing, I am a 5.5 but in some sneakers have to go up to a 6. This shoe fits true to size. The 5.5 is perfect! The sneaker is a little difficult to get on (as I said it hugs your foot and is narrow), but once on it is very comfortable. The material feels flexible, yet durable. I would just wonder how the cushion would hold up and how many miles you can get out of this shoe, but only time will tell. The colors are vibrant and I just love the style. Again, very fashionable. A shoe you can wear out to run errands and still feel stylish. I am participating in my first trail relay this year and while these shoes are not made for trails, I will be researching whether or not Adidas has PureBoost X that are developed for trail running, I will be purchasing a second pair. ... read more

KayteeNY, New York, NY go to product
pureboost x Great Support and Extremely Comfortable
04 April 2016

First and foremost, I would like to share that Adidas provided the Pure Boost X shoes for feedback/testing purposes. APPEARANCE AND QUALITY: I've received the Raw Purple/Shock Red Pure Boost X color scheme and I must say, they are gorgeous! I get compliments all the time. The quality is also high end. COMFORT: These are by far one of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn! I love how lightweight they are and how it perfectly molds to your feet. However, I will have to say that upon taking them out for a run for the first time, I had to switch shoes after running half a mile because of the piercing pain around the outside of my mid-foot (I switched shoes with my friend and even she felt the stiffness around the outside of the mid-foot). Since then I haven't used the shoes for running (I'll probably give them another chance since I haven't found another shoe that absorbs pavement impact so well) but I do constantly wear them when doing light activities such as long walks or just running errands as they provide great support and are extremely comfortable for these activities. ... read more

Yesi182, Los Angeles, CA go to product
pureboost x Almost Perfect
02 April 2016

Adidas provided shoes for testing purpose! I received many complements on the appearance of the shoes! Everyone loved the style and colors however I thought the white bottoms of the shoe resembled a styrofoam appearance too much. The comfort was very light and at first fitting felt perfect. The size is true to fit. However as I began to walk and run I realized the back part of the shoe was way too high! It kept rubbing against my ankle and caused a really uncomfortable pain. I'm tall and have thin ankles so I'm not sure if this is a factor. I don't think I will wear them again unless I try them with long socks. The shoes would've been perfect if it wasn't for that uncomfortable factor. ... read more

Ver0nica, Long Beach, CA go to product
pureboost x Not the best, not the worst
30 March 2016

I got these shoes in March and took some time to finally write an adequate review. I'll start with the design. It's not bad, but it's not my preferred look. I got the pink and blue colored shoes and while they are a fine hue the actual design of the shoe is somewhat on the cheap side in terms of design. The way the shoes work is you slip them in but they form to your arch, so your whole foot doesn't land on the base of the shoe. If you look at photos you'll see there's a gap between the arch and the base of the shoe design, as in you could actually stick your finger between the base of the shoe and where your foot actually is. But the white part of the shoe looks like styrofoam. I'm not sure if there was a reason for it but it makes the shoe look cheap because it looks like you're walking on this cheap material and a couple friends commented on this as well. The comfort of the shoes is adequate but it is certainly not the most comfortable and I'm not too sure why. There's just something about the design that doesn't make me feel like I'm walking on a soft cloud. Perhaps too narrow? Or maybe it was too thin, the base? It just wasn't the most amazing shoe. I wore these for entire days and seemed fine, but it's just not a favorite shoe. The comfortability is just adequate but nothing amazing that would make me want to really advertise these shoes unfortunately. I walked miles in them and I also attempted to work out in them but felt the back of the shoe was hitting the back of my ankle in a really painful way. It was chafing against my ankle and opening red sores because of how it was hitting. That was a big negative factor unfortunately. ... read more

kh0es, Los Angeles, CA go to product
pureboost x Uncomfortable causing pain. Wish I had someone's honest opinion on them before I brought them
29 March 2016

Brought a pair of these shoes after seeing various advertising saying they was made for women who run. Within 5 minutes of wearing them they caused severe pain in the arch of my foot and I have tried wearing them several times after but they provide no support whatsoever. Defiantly not a good running trainer as they even hurt to walk in. ... read more

lclark3113, London go to product
pureboost x Not for runners
28 March 2016

I was super excited to purchase these shoes. I run 4-5x a week and am currently training for a half marathon. I loved the floral print and the shoes looked nice and light. However, after my first run I realized the soles are way too flimsy for these to be good running shoes and there is little arch support. My feet ached for the entire week I ran in them. At first I thought it was just my feet adjusting to a new shoe but the pain never subsided and eventually I gave up. ... read more

Emily4, Austin, TX go to product
pureboost x best shoes i've had in a long time
27 March 2016

i simply love these shoes , they are so comfortable to wear and workout in. Other shoes i've worked out in have hurt my feet because i have high arches which when wearing shoes with non high arches limits my natural movement but these shoes with their design fit my feet perfectly and enable me to enjoy my workouts. Where i live it is hard to get good workout shoes for high arches, these shoes are simply fantastic and reasonably well priced too. ... read more

Ki22, Australia go to product
pureboost x Testing purposes
27 March 2016

I love this shoe...first time wearing Adidas, this shoe is so comfortable and the arch supports and molds to your feet. Adidas sent me this shoe for testing purposes and i fell in love! and love the color! ... read more

Tamekz, Long Beach, Ca go to product
pureboost x They're pretty cool and odd
22 March 2016

*Disclosure: Adidas provided me with the shoe for testing purposes To be completely honest, had I been shopping for shoes, I would have not given these shoes a second glance. This is on the basis that they kind of seem intimidating with how unlikely they are to any other sole, the obvious being the “floating arch”; however, when I first tried them on it was like they were molding and conforming to my individual foot. They are so incredibly comfortable and yet supportive, and it is all because of that odd arch that would have otherwise made me ignore them, that and of course the BOOST. Being as they were created for the sole purpose of being a female running shoe, I wanted to see how well they played with other conditions. I first tried them out at the gym. On the treadmill, they were okay, but nothing felt out of the ordinary to my other training shoes. I also did some strength training, and they were not horrible, but not ideal. They do not provide the best support for posture, since the outsole is not the flattest, but it did okay. Then I went on a local hike with them, which consisted of a trail road, which I definitely do not recommended for that. Because the arch works in harmony with one’s mid-foot shape, when one is walking on uneven ground it is very uncomfortable because there is not proper support. I found my feet shifting to one side, while the outsole of the shoe stayed on the other end. I felt like my balance was all over the place like a baby gazelle. Lastly, what they were invented for, running. I went running with them on a road surface, and it was amazing, as it usually is when running with a shoe that has BOOST. I have other shoes with BOOST in them and nothing compares to how light and energetic they feel when running with them, so these just matched up. Except these allowed my feet to feel more flexible in my mid-foot section, it felt comfortable and supportive. Overall, I think I have prized these as my new favorite running shoes. The only downside to these, in my opinion, are how the achilles collar is designed. I am very prone to blisters, and because the tab on them is so long, they scratch on my ankle area and gave me the worst blisters. So what I ended up doing was stitching the back collar down, which sucks, but it beat having to change my ankle bandaids. ... read more

Alexm29, Los Angeles, CA go to product
pureboost x Will definitely wear again
21 March 2016

Usually, I wear very structured, supportive sneakers for running. I haven't tried using minimalist sneakers until this pair. I was a bit worried that my feet or knees would hurt with these sneakers but that didn't happen. I expect to use them regularly. They are far lighter than my usual running shoes. Putting them on felt like putting on a sock with a sole. Since it was a sock-like upper, there was good air-circulation for my feet throughout the run. I didn't encounter any arch or knee pain during my run, but if you need extra support for your arches this type of shoe may be an issue for you. The sole was sufficiently cushioned even for running on concrete. The only issue I encountered was a slight pain in the outer part of my heel in both feet, but I'm chalking that up to the shoes being new still. In fact, the pain went away towards the end of my run. Still, this is the reason for 4/5 stars rather than 5/5 stars. Other than that, these are very comfortable sneakers and I plan to continue to wear them to run! ... read more

mc3306, New York City, NY go to product
pureboost x Love design of the trainers
21 March 2016

I am size 6 but I ordered them in 6 and 1/2 but unfortunately they were still slightly uncomfortable. They are very tight fit but after few trainings they became a bit looser and more comfortable. I personalised them so I am unable to return but I bought another pair in size 7 and the size is just perfect. I love the design and the colours! Great for training and running. ... read more

Romeshka, Manchester, UK go to product
pureboost x Great for running & comfy, almost perfect.
20 March 2016

My lightest sport shoes ever. Very comfy. I am a body stepper. Wore the pair and found that they didn't grip my feet very well, especially the front half. I found that they are a bit slippery/filmsy. I could feel the sweat in between my toes. It could be because I wore thin socks that I felt the sweat in combination with the mesh fabric. I will try thicker socks. I find that for running it is very great. So light. I could bounce better. Great for walking. Somehow due to their high cut at the achilles, my skin got red (rubbed) after wearing a few hours. Need to get used to the style. Overall, I'm still happy with the shoes performance. ... read more

Tasia30, Perth,Australia go to product
pureboost x A Great Purchase
18 March 2016

A good stylish modern look and feel to the shoe with a very light weight allowing a perfect training shoe. My only criticism would be the laces, to not have an option of colour to have and just have the "flower design" But I am being pedantic ... read more

Claire08, Northumberland, UK go to product
pureboost x Love this shoe
16 March 2016

I was a little skeptical about the space between arch and sole but that's what makes it great. It hugs your foot and that's what makes them comfortable. Running is great and walking is just as comfortable with the PUREBOOST X. adidas provided these shoes for testing purposes and I am so glad, I definitely would buy this product for myself and recommend it to my family and friends. ... read more

Angrun36, Sun Valley, CA go to product
Terrex Boost GTX Shoes Great running shoes
16 March 2016

I'm not a runner but I do dog agility. I have always run my dogs in any old shoes and sometimes slipped over. Then I discovered these wonderful waterproof goretex shoes. They are light and comfortable and enable me to whip round the ring with my dog without slipping and with the confidence that whatever the weather my feet stay dry. ... read more

London UK go to product
pureboost x Best running trainer
13 March 2016

As Ive gone through a few pairs of trainers over the years I wanted something specific to my needs. These were bought as a present for me and fit they fit the bill I wanted perfectly. Great support and fit ... Can't fault them at all ... read more

Janeylou, Hull go to product
pureboost x Not the best of quality
13 March 2016

Very trendy looking trainer however I did have to swap my first pair as the seem came undone around the ankle which the staff were very happy to exchange. Overall very comfy trainer but the back of the show sits quite high on the ankle which does rub if you don't have a decent pair of socks on. Ultra boost are my preferred choice ... read more

Abi91, Liverpool go to product
pureboost x Very feminine :-)
12 March 2016

Great shape and look! The arch support can make your feet really sore though during exercising- it just takes time to get used to it. May also depends on your feet shape whether you'll feel it painful or not. Mine are sore every time before they properly warm up! ... read more

Haski, Aberdeen, Scotland go to product
pureboost x Top notch
09 March 2016

I genuinely love these shoes! The purple and orange (yes, a bit girly) actually goes with a lot of sporting wear :) The snug-fit of the shoe around your instep is fantastic! SO much support and not restricting. As a gymnastics coach, I am loving the lightness of the shoes and how I can sort of pointe my toes! Been telling all the coaches to get these PureBoostX. Great shoes. Tip: go one size larger than your current shoe size, the back of the shoe pushes your foot forward a little. ... read more

CatieCM, Melbourne, Australia go to product
pureboost x Style meets comfort!
09 March 2016

My new pure boost x just arrived and they are amazing! Love how soft the material is, they provide great support and fit like a glove. I ordered 1/2 size smaller per other reviews and they are perfect. I ordered the pink and blue pattern and the colors are perfect not bright, love the laces with the colored tips. I am not a runner,so my tennis shoes normally last a long time I gues that way I justify paying the high price. I will use thiem at the gym, for hiking and running errands. I wanted to switch from Nikes and I am happy to have chosen the Adidas pure Boost. Great service and fast delivery. ... read more

LBL, Houston, Tx go to product
pureboost x well worth the wait!
07 March 2016

A year ago I first put my feet into adidas ultra boost and also learnt that in 2016 a women's specific neutral/natural shoe was on the horizon! Fantastic natural fit, great looking and suits both gym based workouts and road runs. Very pleased I made the purchase :) ... read more

mountaingirl21, south wales go to product
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