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Women • Purple

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Reviews for: Women Purple

141 reviews
pureboost x
16 May 2016

I use them at gym. Very light and flexible shoes, nice design and colors. My feet lenght is cca. 245mm and the size i buy for sport shoes is Japan 24.5 or US 7.5. Although the site simulator indicated size 5.5 UK, i went for size 6 UK (=7.5 US) and i must say it fits perfectly. ... read more

nikonista go to product
pureboost x Best running shoes I ever had
15 May 2016

Hello, I am from Peru and I travel to US every once in a while. In one of those trips I got these amazing running shoes, thanks for them. I brought the shoes to peru and I am running my first 21k in adidas' race tomorrow. I have been training with the shoes for the last weeks and I can say the following: *At first, it takes some time to get used to because of the separation of the middle. *When running, the extra boost really feels after every step. *They are so light that you can run faster than you are used to. However, it does take some time to get used to the weight because now that you can run faster, you also breathe harder and ran out of breathe easier. *The color and combination are great. *The bra you sent was great as well, the support is great. *LOVE THESE RUNNING SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please, think of me next time you want to test something new or if you need aforeign point of view. ... read more

Hiromita, Peru go to product
pureboost x Best Athletic Shoes!
07 May 2016

These shoes are incredible. I generally HATE tennis shoes of any kind, but I look forward to slipping these on. They fit great without socks, but just as well with them. I feel like I'm wearing fitted slippers because they are so comfortable; however, they are tight enough to stay on through anything. One of my all-time favorite shoes ever! ... read more

KTBad, Albuquerque, NM go to product
pureboost x Fly like a butterfly
06 May 2016

I've had all the typical running injuries - IT band syndrome, shin splints, and patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS). In addition making strength exercises, foam rolling and stretching part of my regular routine, I'm always on the lookout for new shoe technology to help keep me on my feet and running. Adidas sent me a pair of their Pure Boost X Shoes and immediately I was intrigued by the "floating arch". I overpronate so I tend to look for shoes that help give me better arch support (or I supplement neutral shoes with orthotics). I have to admit - putting on my Pure Boost X shoes for the first time was a little weird. I'm used to having something super solid under my feet but it felt more my feet were sitting in a cradle. The second that I started running - I forgot all of that. I took off and I felt like I was flying. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to try out these shoes. I ran 6 miles that day and felt great afterwards. I would definitely recommend trying these shoes out. ... read more

Grace Marie go to product
pureboost x Ouch!!!
06 May 2016

I apologize for my late entry as to I was very busy doing taxes. Well my experience with the shoes was one very short-lived the fit of them are great... but I had a problem with my left shoe... It's was digging into my Shin... I've tried to wear socks but it made it very uncomfortable for both shoes... I'm not sure if it's me or the shoe... I will say my right foot was ok after I got use to its snug fit. The colors on the shoes wasn't my fav and is hard to match up... The bra was great, coverage was awesome, the fit was perfect and I would definitely wear it again... I'm really upset that I was unable to take a advantage of wearing the tennis shoe and starting my morning runs again... Is there away I could exchange them to try another pair... maybe I received a defective left shoe... Please help... I would love to try them out!!! ... read more

MoetTasha, Los Angeles, California go to product
pureboost x Perfect for High Arches
04 May 2016

I have never met anyone with arches as high as mine and I have struggled for years to find the perfect fit. These cross-trainers are the answer to my years of searching. Not a single part of my foot feels any sort of pressure in these very lightweight shoes. My daily run is about 3 miles along with 1 hour plyometric exercises. The sole provides great traction during my exercise routines, and the support throughout the arch (which can be adjusted with the laces) is amazing. I run with a mid-foot strike and it's the first time I have ever felt a shoe actually help propel my foot forward through adequate support of my arch. I am not sure what to expect from longer runs but look forward to gradually taking them to the next level. Comfort at the heel and tongue of the shoe are exceptional. I am typically between sizes and based on other reviews, I chose the larger size which was the perfect decision. ... read more

SimplySimpatica, Miami, FL go to product
pureboost x It hurst my feet :(
04 May 2016

I purchased yesterday pureboost X and i dont know why i feel so tired the whole day. I went again in Adidas store to ask they said that it is ok in my foot. I am almost flat footed i dont know but i am not comfortable in this shoes. The style is perfect but now i am regretting :( ... read more

myleen, Dubai go to product
pureboost x Simply perfect!
02 May 2016

I bought these shoes to wear as everyday work shoes not for running and they are perfect. I am on my feet all day and wanted something that was extra comfortable but still stylish and these were perfect! Definitely recommend these to anyone who is on their feet all day!! ... read more

Vallybear, Midland,TX go to product
pureboost x Extremely happy!
02 May 2016

I never had the best luck buying sneakers online until I found these. I read the reviews and saw that people loved them, so I decided to give them a shot. They are AMAZING. They do run a little short. I'm normally a 7, but I ordered a 7 1/2 and they're perfect. I don't have much of an arch in my feet and these give me so much support especially while I teach Zumba! Finally found a pair of sneakers I can count on. ... read more

BWall, Buffalo, NY go to product
pureboost x Comfort & Style
01 May 2016

Sometimes I see other women running with the ugliest sneakers and I think, "they must be comfortable, otherwise why would she buy those." I am beyond thrilled to have found not only a comfortable pair of sneakers but also ones I find to be stylish. I'm not alone in that either, I receive compliments about my shoes almost every time I wear them. ... read more

Jacquie322, Pittsburgh, PA go to product
pureboost x Comfortable but damaging in the long run
30 April 2016

The shoes are beautiful and everything that was expected. However, after being so committed to adidas I would have to say this shoe turned it around for me. I am a consistent runner and I recently had a bone spur on my foot and have been seeing an orthopedic specialist. We were unable to find out the cause and the only thing I had recently changed was wearing this shoe. After bringing the shoe in they advised it was a very bad fit (not the size, but the way it holds my foot) and did not give much support to me. The shoes are extremely comfortable, however, I will not be wearing them any longer and could not recommend them to others. They might work great for some, but I wanted to inform those who might see a similar problem as I did. ... read more

Cmarc19, San Antonio, Texas go to product
Terrex Boost GTX Shoes Very satisfied
30 April 2016

I'm very happy with this shoe it's been the perfect purchase a super comfy and excellent quality shoe I wore them on a hike for the first time and was worried I hadn't worn them in but had no problems and no blisters! Super easy to clean the mud of after and a great look too. ... read more

go to product
pureboost x I really wanted to like them...
30 April 2016

Let me start off with saying that this was my first adidas shoes ever ... and it was horrible. The only reason why I purchased adidas is because my partner is a big fan he loves adidas. So I recently started "jogging" I wanted new comfortable shoes. So he suggested to look into adidas, so I did. I came across this "just for women running shoes" & I really liked the design they are cute the shoe sells itself, it had almost excellent reviews just one or two bad reviews , so I decided to why not give them a shot? So I ordered them, they came in the mail In under a week I was so exited to try them on the design it's cute & different. The trail I go jogging it's about 15 mins away from my house ... My feet were hurting bad by the time I got there I was like okay maybe I need to break into them so I go ahead and jogged for a little & the back of my ankle is killing me. so I decided to walk instead by the time I was done I just had to take them off instantly. My bf was like you just have to break into them they are new , but my feet had never hurt this bad before NEVER not even in the most uncomfortable heels I've worn. So I get home take off my socks and notice SEVEN huge blisters on my feet all together. One on the each side of my ankles and in between my toes, on the tip of my toes on the arch of my feet on the sides it was just horrible. The "sock design "is just very tight . & the foam ? Oh boy! It had small holes in them from what? No idea I walked in a new paved trail. Which is always clean . It looks like if someone just poked it with rocks or sticks AFTER THE FIRST USE. I still tried to wear them the next day and it wasn't any better. I even wore them the day after next because I really wanted to like them is such a cute design made for women, and expensive shoe. But nope I wore them for 5 days in a row just because I wanted to like them and break into them. But I gave up they ruined my feet. I can't even use sandles. Let alone walk barefooted. My feet hurt to even stretch them it sucks. I am very upset about this. The back is just way too high it causes so much friction, the shoe fits very tight since it's so narrowed, and the foam it's poor quality. I will be returning this shoes ASAP. I don't recommend this shoes for long walks, jogging or running they are a huge NOPE. ... read more

Mommy2jay234., Fredericksburg, Virginia go to product
pureboost x GREAT but not for me
30 April 2016

I can see why people love these shoes as they hug your feet pretty snuggly and is very light. I imagine you are not supposed to wear socks with these shoes? I personally can't imagine wearing running shoes without socks because of sweat? Maybe I'm missing something... but it was too tight for socks and they hugged my feet very well but almost too snug. ... read more

adidas lover 510 go to product
pureboost x Like Cinderellas glass slipper
29 April 2016

Best shoes I've worn in my 23 years of living. I have super small feet so I have trouble finding comfortable fitting sneakers that are not meant for young boys... They are sheek and stylish but are so comfortable and breathable. I'm usually a size 5.5 but they did not carry half sizes so I got a 6 & because they're mostly knit, there is really no need for half sizes. I already have two pairs! :) ... read more

Carodough, Brooklyn, Ny go to product
pureboost x Comfy and great looking
29 April 2016

I love these shoes! Light and comfortable. I ran 22 miles and I was fine after that. I am not sure if I would use these for actual marathon because I may need more support but great for everyday and training. ... read more

ymym123 go to product
pureboost x The BEST running shoe I have ever purchased!
29 April 2016

I have hold off for years to purchase a good pair of running shoes, as a matter of fact I don't ever recall purchasing a good pair in my lifetime. I have really skinny feet and this shoe literally hugs my feet! I feel like this shoe was specifically designed just for me! They are so comfortable I feel like I am running on memory foam! I will be completing my first 1/2 marathon in September (I plan on purchasing this shoe in every color)! ... read more

CinnamonSunset, Vancouver, WA go to product
pureboost x Not a good cross trainer if you run
29 April 2016

Wore them once in the treadmill my bilateral hips and knees were in excruciating pain after. Ended up returning them. They felt great in the store but I do Crossfit and we run sometimes and these shoes just didn't work. ... read more

Mom runner go to product
pureboost x Great Fit. Extremely Comfortable.
29 April 2016

I originally purchased this shoe because I needed one that was black, fashionable, and most importantly - comfortable. I wore a competitive brand for years, but the logo was too loud for this purpose. The foam bottom is unlike any other, combined with a solid sole. It truly provides a Pure Boost while running (feels like I was FLYING) and walking (feels like I'm walking on a cloud). I typically wear a 5 in other shoes, but I used the online chat to assist in the sizing, and they suggested going to a 5.5 - it fits perfect. The neoprene material breathes well, and the shoe literally fits like a glove. My only complaint is occasionally the harder toe cap catches on my big toe nail. I would HIGHLY suggest giving these a try! ... read more

Nixongram, Birmingham, MI go to product
pureboost x My feet say YAY!
29 April 2016

I was experiencing stress through my arches as I power walk close to 30 miles each week. I was thinking I was going to need to give up my walks and then I found these shoes. Thank you! With one wearing completely gave me the arch support I needed and my feet feel GREAT! I immediately purchased a second pair and am contemplating a third, LOL. They are extremely light weight as well and I suspect will be wonderful for my Florida summer. ... read more

Katydid50, Florida, USA go to product
pureboost x Excellent running shoe
29 April 2016

I run anywhere from 20-45 miles a week and this is my go-to shoe. It is a perfect combination of what I love about minimalist shoes (light weight) and what I need when running on roads (bounce and support). I love the sock-like upper. I have a pretty high arch, but even I experienced some discomfort on the outside of my foot. It was resolved by not tying the shoe too tightly. Also, I always have a hot spot with adidas at the back of the shoe on my Achilles' tendon, but that may be my anatomy not the shoe itself. Overall, I really love this shoe. ... read more

KateKat go to product
pureboost x Love them!
29 April 2016

Need to break them in like all shoes. Also the back can eat at your ankles but I was able to fold the back down a bit and it fixed the issue for me. Other than that they are really comfortable and I love them! ... read more

sarahec go to product
pureboost x amazing style&comfort
29 April 2016

First pair I bought were the yellows, I wasn't sure of them till I put them on in the finish line I was at in Concord Mills. I gotta say wow! My back heels are completely cushioned! I literally have a bounce in my step!! I ended up buying the red pair online and I where them to work and I always get asked where I got them and what they are. So many compliments. Perfect for running or just walking. Even better at work because I stand all day and am recovering from a knee injury:) totally get them :) ... read more

Chelz, Charlotte, NC go to product
ClimaChill Tank Very cool
18 April 2016

Love this top, the fit is fantastic, material is light weight but sturdy and does actually feel cool when working out, Not refreshingly cool but like the material does not retain any heat. I am a size 12 usually and M fits perfectly. ... read more

KathyR, Queensland, Australia go to product
pureboost x Love them
17 April 2016

The Adidas pureboost x sneakers are what I have been looking for since I started working out. Compared to other sneakers I have tried these are amazingly comfortable, feel light, and support my feet. I would definetelly recommended them. ... read more

TortugaVerde, Bronx, N.Y go to product
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