0-1 Years · Shorts


Let them explore with baby shorts

For letting your young one feel free and supported, it doesn't get better than these baby shorts. Made from soft jersey materials and designed to find the perfect balance between supportive and relaxed, they are ideal for a range of situations, from playing in warm weather to relaxing around the house. Featuring the iconic style that adidas is known for as well as the highest of standards when it comes to design and performance, these baby shorts are as good as they get and the perfect addition to your young one's wardrobe.

Ideal design for constant movement

While your young one is taking their first steps or crawls and exploring the world, you don't want anything to get in the way of their curiosity. These baby shorts are designed to let your little one move without restrictions and feel fully supported and comfortable while they do so. Elasticated waistbands offer unbeatable comfort and also can grow with the wearer while drawcords also make sure that the fit stays in place from morning until night. Cotton jerseys are used that remain soft to the touch but also offer enough stretch to allow for the full range of movement and side pockets make the ideal finishing touch to these essentials for infants.

Streetwear style meets sportswear silhouettes

Now with this collection of baby shorts, the combination of street and sport that defines adidas is available for wearers of all ages. With a range of designs that feature the iconic 3-Stripes, Trefoil logo and Badge of Sport, they also come in a number of colours from simple blacks and navy blues to pastel tones and bright neon alternatives. Available as pairs of shorts alone or as part of a two-piece set with a T-shirt, young ones can add some adidas style to their wardrobe with these baby shorts.