0-1 Years · Tracksuits


Ready for action with baby tracksuits

Long before they start even thinking about hitting the gym, every day in the life of a little one is a full workout. Whether crawling or starting to walk, they need to be equipped with apparel that is ready for anything-that's where these baby tracksuits come in. Offering the same high-performance materials and design features but in much smaller sizes, these two-piece sets are ideal for newborns and growing babies as they give them full range of movement and let them wear casual clothing that they'll love.

For future little athletes

The world's top sports stars use tracksuits for a reason: no apparel is better for offering protection from the elements without restricting movement and activity. Now, your little one can experience the same benefits with these baby adidas tracksuits. Blended materials combine the softness of cotton with the durability of synthetic materials while French terry tracksuit sets are made from all-natural fabrics for luxurious levels of comfort. Elasticated waistbands and cuffs allow your little athletes to be totally supported while they play and zip fastenings make it easy to cool off and get dressed. With these baby tracksuits, it's not just athletes who can benefit from adidas' innovative sportswear technology.

3-Stripes style

Few things are as iconic on the streets as adidas tracksuits and your little one can represent now as well. From classic fleece sets that exude old school cool to newer lightweight two-pieces that are perfect for warmer weather and summer months, with these baby tracksuits you can update your little one's wardrobe with sportswear classics that they'll love to wear. Colours range from sleek dark shades to soft pastel tones and you can choose to dress your baby in the minimal classics or in more statement-making options. For updating your baby's casual options, you're in the right place.