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Toddler tights

Ideal for toddler yoga or dance classes, as well as to wear around the house or to playgroup, our toddler tights can be worn under shorts or trousers for easy changing and an extra layer to keep your little one warm. The soft elastic waistbands in this activewear keep the pants in place for your tot. Brilliant up-to-date technology means that these trousers fit snug to their skin, giving that all important comfort. These easy-to-wear toddler tights and leggings are great for your toddler to pull on to wear at home or out and about. Our toddler leggings work as an extra layer that sculpts to the body, which make them perfect for being outdoors, especially in the winter. Look out for inconspicuous pockets that make this item very handy and practical. Why not pair with toddler trainers and a jersey or hoodie for ultimate comfort and to make a great sporty outfit? Our innovative toddler leggings and tights are novel and would make the ideal gift for any infant birthday or celebration. Watch them relish the comfort and support of the design as they toddle about with excitement.

Design and features

Look out for our toddler leggings and tights with mesh panels for extra ventilation to keep tiny tots cool. Materials include jersey and elastane for the perfect stretch, excellent for crawling and toddling about and keeping clothing in place. Your little one will be in the mood to be active, so be warned! Whether it is ballet, rugby, or any other athletics your little one attends, they will be ready to develop their physical and all important motor skills, begin to grasp sportsmanship, make friends and start an active lifestyle in these supportive athletic toddler tights and leggings. Check out all the products in our range of toddler tights and leggings.