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Football Boots • Cage

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Reviews for: Football Boots Cage

12 reviews
Mundial Team Boots
Mundial Team Boots
21 June 2019
Lasted 6 years, still going strong

My ONLY wish is a version with a Boost midsole. That would be even more amazing. Tried others, but always come back to these. They will not break. They will never break. They look about a month old, despite lasting 6 years. Perfect for Turf, surprisingly good Indoor as well. But Adidas, GIVE US A BOOST VERSION FOR A LAUGH!! ... read more

Copa 19.3 Turf Boots
Copa 19.3 Turf Boots
03 June 2019
Adidas need to offer bigger sizes

Ordered biggest size and it was still too small. Why is it that eu48 is not the same in the sports shoes, but casual show makers can get the same size. Anyone over size 12 is not a narrow foot. Open your eyes to the bigger Aust Market. Your returns to you 2nds stores are all men's 8-10.5. Why? Cause you over order. And virtually nil over 12.5....cause you under order. Get the mix right ... read more

Mundial Team Boots
Mundial Team Boots
19 March 2019
Second pair 10.5 first pair 10.0 last 3-4 years playing 3-5x/week playing year-round

These last forever and are a great all purpose shoe whether you play on wet or dry 3G pitches or gravel or really hard grass especially in summer, as I found they were very durable and were low profile enough not to twist my ankles like can happen wearing blades or hybrid blade&studs like Predators or tiempos or full multi studs like copas...Second pair I sized up half a size to 10.5 after my first pair 10.0 lasted 3-4 years playing 3-5x/week playing year-round, sacrificing a tighter fit for slightly more comfortable . Good value for money and if you are worried about injuring your ankles or knees these will benefit you like they did me by keeping me safe. I know a lot of youth coaches and referees also swear by them as the only drawback is also their strength as noted above is that they are very soft supple kangaroo leather and suede so they don't proved protection against hard tackles or being stomped on. The toothed is very flexible which allows for great close control and dribbling and touch. Super powerful shots and big goal kicks corner kicks or free kicks are more difficult technically due to being less stiff than your usual soccer boot. Traction is good.but cutting and cornering and changing direction may be slightly less than multistud (round) or bladed models. Also missing are rubber panels that can add power and swerve like on the predator models. Finally if you truly want to get several seasons out of these boots you will need to replace the insoles with for example Dr Scholes gel sport insoles, which you can cut down to size. ... read more

Mundial Team Boots
Mundial Team Boots
11 March 2019
My go to soccer shoe for any turf surface for the last 6 years

Product is great considering some boots go for much more and don't last as long. Mine lasted 6 seasons (both indoor and outdoor) and I only had to retire them due to a tear near the heel. If not for the tear, the rubber studs were in great shape. It's tricky to find the size that fits you as they tend to stretch - I bought a full size smaller than normal and it stretches to the exact size I need. Other than that fantastic overall shoes for durability and feel! ... read more

Mundial Team Boots
Mundial Team Boots
11 March 2019
Best soccer shoes I've ever worn

I've went through many different shoes through-out the years, and could never find the perfect ones. I stumbled upon these when I was around 20, and I am now 28. I've went through 2 pairs so far, and am about to purchase my third. Highly recommended! ... read more

Mundial Team Boots
Mundial Team Boots
22 February 2019
Best soccer shoes for wide feet.

Second most comfortable turf soccer shoes that I own. The first being copa shoes with boost. Its one of the best budget buys i have done and would strongly recommend these for all those who are looking for an adidas wide feet soccer shoes. ... read more

Mundial Team Boots
Mundial Team Boots
01 February 2019
great leather and shoe while it lasted. foam sole fell apart.

Started out as the classic comfortable and high performance shoe I expected from the Copa/World cup line. Wore only occasionally for softball matches one summer, and put away for 9 months. On wearing again the foam sole platform between the leather upper and rubber sole disintegrated. Having not retained the receipt and the shoes being 18 months old (although looking like new apart from the foam wedge), they went in the bin, Could have been the 'hydrolysis' problem that some she's suffer from. A sad end to my 'turf' Copas. Havant had the same problem from my actual Copa boots or Copa indoor shoes. But they don't have that white foam wedge. Hope no one else gets this problem, because on paper, and for the price they should last and perform better. ... read more

Mundial Team Boots
Mundial Team Boots
06 January 2019
Good shoes, fair price.

I liked everything abou the shoe except the sole. My heels hurt while playing because the sole the sole material is so hard. Wished they had these excellent shoe with ultra boost sole and more color choices. I think it’s time to upgrade this Copa to better fit the modern game. ... read more

Mundial Team Boots
Mundial Team Boots
15 December 2018
Excellent quality. Hopes it last

Very good shoes. Can be used both indoors(Turf) and on the grass. I bought a half size smaller based on other reviews. And it fit perfect. Used it 3 times since I got it. And scored 4 goals. So maybe a lucky show as well :) ... read more

Mundial Team Boots
Mundial Team Boots
29 September 2018
A intemporel classic

I am not really into those flashy modern light soccer shoes which I found not enough protective if a player is stepping on your foot. Those ones are perfect, classic black color, solid, protective during contacts, allow you to kick strong shots! ... read more

Mundial Team Boots
Mundial Team Boots
20 May 2018
Best Turf Shoe

I use this shoe for refereeing football (soccer) and I can say that the quality of these turf shoes are much higher than every other shoe I have used for this purpose. Thanks to adidas for providing excellent products ... read more

Mundial Team Boots
Mundial Team Boots
30 April 2018
I have a pair of these with cleat in size 13. They fit. Somehow you manufacturing process has changed. These 13's were incredibly too small.

These shoes were way too small and too narrow. I have a similar pair of these shoes with cleats. They fit. These did not even come close to fitting. Did you change your manufacturing process or location? ... read more

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