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Grey tights for girls

An active lifestyle that incorporates sport or the gym is essential to healthy living and this is no more important than in little girls who are still developing into young women. Help to foster healthy habits in your daughter's life and make gym and sportswear fun with the adidas range of grey tights for girls. Choose between linear leggings, warm leggings, sports leggings and ¾ leggings, all of which are designed to be easily incorporated into your little one's active lifestyle. adidas long length leggings are made with stretchy jersey fabric sewn onto an extended waistband, for a comfortable fitted fit. Alternatively, for the days when your teenager is planning to break a sweat, choose the moisture-absorbing ¾ tights which are made from 91% polyester and equipped with a convenient inner key pocket.

A pair of tights for any occasion

With cosy adidas grey tights, there's no excuse not to go for a jog or brave the cold winter air to get to the gym. Your little girl can throw on a pair of these adidas sport leggings for a fitted everyday look adaptable to any workout or leisure activity. On her more zen days, she can slip into a pair of regular length stretchy tights with rubber-print adidas badge. The stretchy material will ensure that getting into every yoga position is comfortable, from child's pose to warrior pose and the downward dog.

Packable, versatile fits

Due to their fitted nature, adidas grey tights for girls can pack easily into any bag without taking up valuable room. You can pack a gym pair neatly into your child's sports bag, as well as a fresh pair for her to wear post-workout. She can also fit a couple of pairs in her suitcase on family vacations - adidas grey tights are a comfortable choice for days spent throwing around a Frisbee, playing volleyball, jumping on a trampoline or simply going for a family walk. Plus, on the days when your child isn't quite so active, any of these grey tights for girls will also make for comfortable leisurewear.