Girls' White Shoes

White shoes for girls bring a fresh look to summer sports and hanging out with friends. Explore our range of comfortable white trainers and shoes for girls, featuring the latest footwear technologies.

Run, play or chill out in white shoes for girls

The beauty of trainers is that they truly allow for any cool kid’s individual style to shine through. Why not indulge your daughter’s sense of style with the adidas white shoes for girls’ range? Does she enjoy the kind of style that is centred on the running shoe look? Then look no further than the swift run shoes. They come with a knitted upper with embroidered details, as well as a lace closure with a sock-like construction. This design rests on top of a thick, rubber outsole that makes for a very sleek design. Perhaps your little one prefers the more classic court shoe instead? In that case, the adidas Grand Court shoes are for her! These tennis style shoes have a synthetic leather upper with lace closure atop a rubber outsole. This 70’s inspired shoe has never lost its cool throughout the decades as it remains a popular design to this day!

For an edgy modern look - go Deerupt!

The Deerupt runner shoe makes for striking girls' white shoes that immediately grab the eye, making your daughter stand out in a crowd. This is thanks to their sandwich mesh upper design that gives them a more modern, edgier feel. The mesh design feature extends all around the shoe including the rubber outsole. It also encompasses a lightweight EVA midsole making the wearer of this shoe feel comfortable throughout the day.

There are multiple ways to incorporate girls' white shoes into your daughter’s wardrobe

For a crisp and fresh look, your daughter can pair her white shoes with an all-white ensemble, including a white t-shirt with white leggings or tracksuit trousers. For the perfect colour contrast, mix and match black and white staples to maintain a classic look. A black skater dress paired with white shoes can look stylish and fun. To add a burst of colour for a more fun look, pair your daughter’s white shoes for girls’ with bright pinks, oranges, purples or yellows.