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We can thank the Inuit people for the creation of the parka coat. Its translation is ‘animal skin’, and the design hails from the Arctic regions around Northern Russia and Alaska. Inuits made parka coats from the seal skins available to shield themselves from the extreme Arctic temperatures on their hunts. In Western culture the parka was first popular in the 1950s with the US military and became fashionable in Britain too, especially during the mod era when it was a symbol of youth rebellion. The parka was warm, robust and had a longer length than previous coats, making it an excellent garment to wear whilst riding a scooter. Very stylish at the time! Today it remains relevant, a wardrobe essential for colder weather. So take a look at our range of adidas green coats and parkas and get cosy in unpredictable weather.

As ingenious as the Inuit people

The adidas range of green coats and parkas offers not only style but warmth, with quilting and padding as well as excellent insulation. The materials used such as nylon are durable and water-repellent so you needn’t worry about missing a workout at the gym in wet weather. Down is used for guaranteed cosiness. The sporty look is timeless and the designers have come up with excellent fits so that the coats are neither too tight nor too loose. The green coats and parkas come with pockets to store your essentials in, some front and some side, as well as innovative inner storm flaps. The range of coats and parkas includes cleverly designed snow-breaker jackets with adjustable hems, waterproof materials such as lightweight nylon and a packable hood to take with you come rain or shine. Enjoy this sporty statement piece and combine style with practicality so that you’re fully prepared in cold weather.