How to Keep your Trainers From Losing Their Shape

There’s nothing like that new sneaker feeling. Many trainers can develop creases, but there are a few things you can do to keep them in tip top shape. Follow our simple guide to keep your sneakers crease-free.

Tips to Keep Your Shoes Crease-Free

Take care of your trainers by following these do's and don’ts.


  • Use different shoes: Wearing the same sneakers every day will increase wear and tear. Mix up your wardrobe by wearing different trainers throughout the week.
  • Use a shoehorn and use the laces: Creases can develop under your heel if you continually slip on and off your trainers. Always untie your laces so your feet can easily fit in your sneakers and use a shoe horn so that your feet slide in smoothly.
  • Use a shoe shaper when your shoes are in storage: When you’re not wearing your shoes, use a shoe shaper so that sneaker toes have proper support. A shoe shaper will prevent your favourite kicks from creasing up.
  • Keep your trainers clean: Regularly and gently clean your sneakers to reduce the chance of any permeant damage or scratching marking the materials.


  • Slide your shoes off by stepping on the heel: Always unlace your shoelaces before taking your shoes off so that there’s minimal impact on the shoe itself.
  • Throw your shoes in a pile: Keeping your shoes organised and tidy will prevent damage.

Another Tip:

  • Keep the box: If you’re a sneakerhead, you might already know that Keeping trainers in the original box will keep them in the best condition

Take care of the sneakers you have, or treat yourself to some new kicks. Shop sneakers.