Indoor Football

adidas indoor football gear is designed to keep you going during the winter months, so your training schedule won’t be deterred despite inclement weather conditions. Don't let the weather affect your training schedule.

Indoor Football

Indoor football shoes from adidas are designed to help players move quickly across the pitch without leaving marks or marring the finish of the flooring. Soles are made from materials like rubber and EVA to give them a texture that grips the floor without leaving a mess. These shoes come in laceless and lace-up styles for men, women and kids. Features like a lightweight construction, sock-like fit and breathable technology are integrated into the designs to help you stay comfortable and fresh while dominating the ball. Colours for these indoor football shoes range from basic black to vibrant shades that will complement any team colours you need to match.

Performance-enhancing technologies

While every pair of adidas football boots is designed based on sports physiology and an understanding of how players move on the field, there are also some unique performance-enhancing technologies integrated into various styles. For example, some styles have Tension Tape built in to release pressure on your in-step when a greater range of motion is needed. Outsoles crafted from Continental™ Rubber are also featured in some indoor football boots. This type of outsole offers great traction on indoor surfaces, even if they happen to be wet.

Built for performance

adidas indoor football shoes are made to help you work hard and maximize your skills. Some performance-based technologies to look out for in football boots for indoor use include grippy rubber outsoles with responsive Boost midsoles that are designed to deliver maximum energy return. Mesh uppers that allow air to flow around your foot help keep you cool on hot days, and stitching or grip coatings on uppers help you maintain constant control over the ball. Sock-like mesh uppers on some styles allow for stylish laceless designs that not only look great, but adapt to the contours of your foot and lock it in for a secure fit.