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Men Outdoor Black BSC 3-Stripes Insulated Winter JacketMen Outdoor Black BSC 3-Stripes Insulated Winter Jacket

BSC 3-Stripes Insulated Winter Jacket

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Men’s padded jackets

Stay in style regardless of the weather with the multitude of men’s padded jackets we offer for you. Employing the finest insulation technology, you can stay snug and toasty throughout the cold winter months. Ranging from warmer overthrows for transitional days to full-on winter gear, you can choose from a range of warming products that all come with their individual perks—but all up to the standard to support you wherever you go and whatever you do.

Enjoy limitless backup with adidas winter jackets for men

The devil is in the detail, right? While sporting a cool and reduced look from the outside, our jackets are still multi-taskers when it comes to all the perks they offer. Enjoy extras like a water-repellent finish to keep you warm and dry during rain, sleet, and snow, and benefit from our jackets’ stand-up collars that give fierce winds no chance to sneak up on you. Made of lightweight fabric, you can use our products for a run or outdoor training, as they will not weigh you down. Puffer coats look stylish, ensure you stay flexible, and entail extra padding for a comfy touch. With zip-up side pockets that feature in most of our jackets you can store your gloves or smaller items comfortably close and secure.

A jacket for everyday life

As much as many of us would love to concentrate on our workout, there are still so many other things to take care off during a day—which is why we fuse great looks with a maximum of practicality and innovation. Regardless of whether you’re walking to the gym, meeting up in town, or taking your workout outdoors, adidas men’s padded jackets accompany you through every life situation. Fashionably stylish, yet equipped with fantastic heat insulation and the athletic edge, they are real all-rounders for everyday life.