Men's Upper Leather Shoes

The adidas range of men's upper leather shoes offer the perfect blend of style, comfort and durability. Leather uppers mean hardwearing footwear, while adidas style ensures that you'll look good whether training or chilling out.
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Men’s upper leather shoes

Are you indulging in your favourite sport or heading out on the town with mates? If so, adidas has a collection of men’s upper leather shoes that will provide you with a diverse range of options to complete your wardrobe. Choose a pair of casual, trendy upper leather shoes to put the final touches to your outfit for your night out, or look to the range of sports shoes to enhance your performance on the court, pitch, or in the gym. adidas has designed its range of upper leather shoes for men using advanced technology that ensures comfort, style, and practicality all rolled into one.

Which upper leather shoes are right for me?

Having trouble deciding which leather shoes to choose? It will depend very much on the sport you will be doing. Protect your feet while showing off your skateboarding tricks with a pair of men’s upper leather shoes that use scuff-resistant suede leather combined with a soft textile lining that will keep your feet comfortable. Hard-wearing leather upper mountain bike shoes, to be used with a flat pedal, are both stylish and practical and can be worn both on the bike or off. For playing golf in the rain, select a pair of shoes specially designed with a leather and mixed material upper that has breathable, water-repellent properties. If you are a runner, training for your next road race, adidas upper leather shoes will provide support to your feet and the Adiprene cushioning will protect your joints from impact. The addition to your wardrobe of a pair of leather shoes by adidas will not only give you an energy boost during your exercise regime, but will also provide you with an additional layer of street cred should you decide to choose a casual pair of shoes for about town.