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Running • Dual-Layered Shorts

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Reviews for: Running Dual-Layered Shorts

6 reviews
Run Two-in-One Printed Shorts
adidas by Stella McCartney
Run Two-in-One Printed Shorts
07 June 2018
Great running shorts

I find it hard to find running shorts that don't ride up and don't look like leggings - these are perfect! The back pocket is also great for storing house keys on your way out. Waistband is wide and super comfortable, not too tight. Would recommend these! ... read more

Supernova Shorts
Supernova Shorts
14 January 2018
Quality fabric, style needs to get used to...

I actually returned these, due to it being too tight fitting on my normal size. I got it in green to match my top, that part was fine but just did not like having a underpant on the inside like some siwminig trunks do, if you ok with that the fabric is quality as usual. ... read more

Supernova Shorts
Supernova Shorts
24 October 2017
Versatile short

I was looking for a pair of shorts to run in and workout in. The length is perfect for both, not too long to get caught up in while running and not too short when doing those power squats. Comfortable, breathable, lightweight, and with some stretch. Great shorts with a great fit. ... read more

Supernova Shorts
Supernova Shorts
05 October 2017
Not a bad short for some distance runs

I was surprised when these shorts arrived and they did not have side pockets. Reviewing some photos it seemed like they did have side pockets but the 5" does not have side pockets. The only thing i run with in my pockets is my iPhone. Thankfully I can squeeze it in the zippered pocket if I take the case off. Very comfortable shorts so far even on longer distances. I don't really notice them when I run which is what you want. I sweat a lot, coming from mainly running in Nike Dri Fit, I find that these shorts feel a little wetter against my skin. Its not a terrible feel when I am running, but as soon as I get home they have to come off immediately. ... read more

Supernova Shorts
Supernova Shorts
19 September 2017
Comfy and airy

I went for the shorter option without realising how short they actually are. In hindsight I maybe have got the standard version but doesn't affect your running. I thought the pocket would be slightly bigger but it's just enough to hold your keys and nothing else. Note, it's only one pocket on the side and not both. ... read more

Supernova Shorts
Supernova Shorts
25 August 2017
Feel good, except for the netting inside.

I love everything about the shorts--the look, the texture, the length--except for the netting inside. I did not see any mention of the swimming trunks-like netting inside in the product description. I wear briefs, so the shorts were very uncomfortable to wear over them. Other than that, they are fantastic. ... read more

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