The adidas Seeley is a skateboard shoe that looks right at home on the streets. The adidas Seeley is ready when you are.

The durable adidas Seeley will let you skate in ease and style

Shoes are important and when you’re a regular skateboarder, you need a pair that will last and do its job. The adidas Seeley combines comfort and bold style. The rubber outsole makes sure you grip the deck and the textile lining helps your feet stay fresh when you’re trying to nail new tricks. With an abrasion-resistant upper, the adidas Seeley is meant to take scuffs and scratches like a champ as you carve. If you’re looking for something for a smaller skater, the junior model has a breathable canvas top that ensures a long day on and off the deck. You don’t have to worry about long sessions in the park, because the adidas Seeley will hold up and keep you comfortable. And if you need to go somewhere afterward, you don’t have to change shoes. These style-savvy shoes can go with any pair of pants.

The Seeley adidas is comfortable on your deck and off

Finding the right skateboarding shoe with classic style can be difficult. The Seeley adidas has reimagined the adidas heritage in classic colours to suit your needs. You don’t have to worry about fatigue or style in the park. And afterward, your shoes will take you to your next destination. Sometimes skateboarding shoes also have a break-in period, but the adidas Seeley is ready to go, right out of the box. Laid-back style meets convenience. This shoe is simple. The Seeley adidas is your next skateboarding shoe. Carve, try trick after trick, and hit that move you’ve been trying to conquer all year. Don’t worry about break-in time, style, or longevity. Just throw on your shoes and grab your deck to carve all day. To make the best use of your shoes, pick the right colour that suits your skateboarding style.