Adizero Tennis

Adaptive technologies, breathable uppers and an all-around comfortable feel come together to make our Adizero tennis line the perfect companion to support your training goals, on and off the court.

Support your game with Adizero tennis

The Adizero tennis line includes a range of shoes designed to let you play at your best on the court. They're made to move, with lightweight materials that will have you sprinting across the court with ease. While you make your moves, a stable, supportive outsole keeps you steady on your feet, helping you keep control of each and every point. You'll find options for both men and women as well as multiple options for kids. Younger players will love the combination of snug comfort and a lightweight feel for a distraction-free shoe. With these shoes, they'll be ready to take on whatever their next match throws at them. For your off-the-court training, the lightweight feel of Adizero makes them ideal for runners of all kinds.

Adizero tennis shoes built for the court

Our Adizero tennis shoes have been crafted specifically for tennis players, taking into consideration all the nuances of how they move. In our Adizero tennis range, you'll find options that can be used on every kind of court, with sole patterns designed to reduce clay clogging and durability in key areas to reduce wear and tear from hardcourts. Find yourself wearing down your tennis shoes because you tend to drag your toes? Some of our pairs include extra reinforcement on the upper, specifically designed to withstand toe drag, so your shoes work with your style.

Fall in love with your game

Keep your trainers fresh by gently brushing the soles with a soft brush, to keep them free from dirt or clay, and spot clean the uppers with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Available in a range of distinctive designs, everyone can find a pair to fall in love with.