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Training sports bras

We have the ultimate sports bra for the gym, no matter your body shape. They all offer superior support that allows you to take in everything from a relatively gentle session of yoga to high-impact training in the gym. They're designed for total body workouts with mesh linings and seamless constructions to give you perfect comfort and support. Their adjustable straps allow you to find the exact fit that gives you the most confidence. You'll forget that you're wearing them, in fact, which is ultimately what you want in comfortable sports clothing.

Extra support when you're exerting yourself

We've thought of everything when it comes to the technology to ensure optimum sweat reduction and cooling. For one, our breathable fabric allows air to circulate freely, which reduces the heating effect of an intense workout. They have padding where you need it most and moulded cups so that you can confidently stretch and move without worrying about unnecessary bounce. For additional support, you can opt for a higher neck with a centre zip. Our training sports bras also have moisture absorbent qualities to supplement their sweat reduction properties. This AEROREADY material is the result of our constant attention to improving the efficiency of our sports bras for the gym.

More technology for even more efficient workouts

Our training sports bras have even more technology packed into them. Stabiliser inserts additional support in precisely the areas you need it most. On top, you have a breathable mesh overlay, and there are even padded back straps in a comfortable X-configuration that can be adjusted, once again giving you freedom of movement by distributing pressure across your back, rather than concentrating it in thicker bands. With maximum coverage and optimal support, you couldn't wish for a more dependable item in your workout drawer.