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Comfort and style with adidas women's black padded jackets

When it starts to get really cold but you still need to get your outdoor fix, it's time to pull out our high-tech padded jackets for women. These jackets are crafted in stylish black, with the iconic adidas logo discretely displayed to mark out your good taste in materials and construction. adidas black padded jackets are items you'll want to treasure in your wardrobe, while using them as much as you can.

Lightweight materials with heavyweight insulation

Genuine down padded chambers have been expertly designed to keep you warm and dry, without compromising on comfort. With these lightweight and breathable designs, you'll never get the feeling that you're on the verge of overheating either, even when you have them on over a few other layers of clothing. The adidas women black padded jackets also have excellent wind repellent and water resistant capabilities, as well as an DWR outer coating to keep the weather at bay. They're also remarkably lightweight for the amount of insulation they provide. Plus, these jackets are easy to pack away if you don't need to wear them immediately, and they won't add any significant weight to your backpack.

High-tech fabrics meet the best that nature provides

Our women's black padded jackets have high necks to protect that vulnerable area from wind and cold, and a snug fit that won't feel too restrictive, making them ideal for active wear. They're made from a 100% polyester plain weave combined with Conextbaffles of 80% down mixed with 20% feathers, a perfect combination of human technology and nature's ingenuity. The no stitch design eliminates weak spots and helps to ensure the excellent durability you've come to expect from adidas. When you're gearing up for the great outdoors in winter, these can be your first choice.