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adidas / July 14, 2021
3 Minute Read
What is sustainable clothing? A shopping guide

From clothes to shoes, shopping sustainably is easier than ever. Get tips on identifying sustainable fabrics and more with this guide to sustainable fashion.

adidas / July 08, 2021
FC Not Alone

Since its beginning in 2018, FC Not Alone has been using football to help achieve the goal of breaking the stigma surrounding mental health.

adidas / April 29, 2021

Roll along with Nora as she introduces us to her passion for expression via skate and art, talks about what it means to live an authentic life, and how she’s pushing boundaries for female skaters arou...

adidas / April 29, 2021
Stan Smith Mylo™: Made Using Mushrooms

Stan Smith Mylo™, adidas’ latest concept shoe, introduces a mushroom-based material.

adidas / April 08, 2021
3 Minute Read
What Makes Ultraboost a Great Running Shoe

What are Ultraboosts good for? Running, first and foremost. Built on runners’ insights, here’s how Ultraboost running shoes can add energy return to every step.

adidas / April 08, 2021
What is Boost?

It's hard to imagine adidas without Boost — the revolutionary performance shoe technology that first hit the pavement in 2013. Boost was unlike anything that came before, and its energy return technol...

adidas / April 08, 2021
4 Minute Read
What is a HIIT Workout and Why Do It?

What’s a HIIT workout and why’s it so popular? Learn how this effective cardio method is the simple secret to burning maximum calories in under 30 minutes.

adidas / April 01, 2021
3 Minute Read
What to Look for in Maternity Workout Clothes

Exercise can be a major health boost when you’re pregnant, and maternity workout clothes support you through every stage of pregnancy. Here’s the adidas guide.

adidas / March 29, 2021
3 Minute Read
Spikes vs. Spikeless Golf Shoes: Which is Best for You?

Do you need spiked or spikeless shoes for golf? Learn the pros and cons of spikes vs. spikeless golf shoes, and how to choose what’s right for your golf game.

adidas / March 29, 2021
3 Minute Read
Nine Benefits of Biking 30 Minutes a Day

Improved strength, endurance and mood are just a few health benefits of cycling. Read on to find out why biking is one of the best things you can do for your body.

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