Water Bottles

Your best bet for staying hip and hydrated. adidas BPA-free waterbottles keep your drinks hot, cold, and ready to go.

Water bottles

For branded and non-branded sports water bottles of the highest quality with cutting edge style, look no further than adidas. We have them made from synthetic materials as well as stainless steel and aluminium, depending on your particular preferences. Different volumes allow you to select exactly the right size you need for your activity, from field hockey to spinning. They're ergonomically designed to allow you to take as much fluid as possible on board quickly when you need it, with minimum effort and distraction from your exercise.

Excellent ergonomics for ultimate convenience no matter your sport

Our plastic sport water bottles are BPA free and can safely be placed in your dishwasher. They're 100% polyethylene injection moulded to provide the perfect grip that contours to your hand. The wide screw tops with pull spouts offer the ultimate convenience and the best way to get a consistent flow of liquid into your mouth every time. They come in standard 750ml sizes, with adidas 3-Stripes and other branding, as well as limited edition versions that feature logos from sports teams that we've contracted with. They make excellent collectors' items that you'll want to keep coming back to get more of as the latest ones arrives.

When you need hydration on the move

Our 100% steel injection water bottles are sleek and stylish, and have sturdy screw-top lids with quick release buttons that act as stop-valves to give you and instant flow of cooling fluids when you need it and shut off immediately to prevent unwanted spillage. They are ergonomically designed as well, giving you a comfortable grip while you're on the move. Choose the colour to match the rest of your outfit and cut the figure of style in the gym, on the road, or on the water. They're also the perfect gym companion – or you can just keep them around when you're going about your daily routine.

The human body is made up of roughly 60% water, and we lose a great part of that daily, especially through sweating. To make up for what bodily fluids are lost throughout the day, experts say that we should rehydrate by drinking eight glasses of water a day, or roughly two litres. This rule especially applies to athletes, as people who sweat more than the average person will also need to drink more. If you go out and engage in physical activity regularly, you should always stay hydrated by taking water bottles with you wherever you go.

Stay on top of your performance

adidas has the right water bottles for those who live an active lifestyle. Specially designed sports water bottles have great features ideal for people who are always on the go. Our steel water bottles can hold up to 28 fl. oz. and have a screw-top lid with quick-release button for effortless opening. They also have an ergonomic design that guarantees excellent grip for a no-slip experience. Finally, the steel injection-moulded construction makes these water bottles absolutely sturdy, meaning you can enjoy using them for many years.

Think green

Our line of adidas water bottles includes an effective contribution to protecting the world’s oceans: the Parley water bottle. These stainless-steel containers have an O-ring screw top that you can attach to your backpack for optimum portability and convenience. The striking black finish features eye-catching Parley graphics, while the BPA-free materials used in their construction make them safe for your health. The highlight of these water bottles is the clever fusion of stainless steel and ocean plastics that are supplied by Parley for the Oceans. Recycled plastic waste collected from remote beaches and coastal areas is brought to Parley processing plants to be shredded and re-used as raw materials for adidas sports products, including shoes and these bottles. Consider these water bottles our humble way of supporting this revolutionary green initiative – another step into the right direction. Get your own adidas water bottles today and protect your body and the planet.