adidas NMD

Experience comfort and style with the NMD collection at adidas, featuring shoes, appare and accessories. Keep the whole family looking fresh with our men’s, women’s and kids' range of NMD wear.

Reviving the glory of our beloved NMD selection

The NMD is one of our archetypal trainers and they're available for all ages and activities, from toddlers to serious runners. This 80s-inspired range has received a fresh update for a new era, coming in an almost giddying array of colours and designs – from a slightly rebooted classic look to the most modern colours, shapes and styles, all with a streamlined athletic profile. The basic shoe starts with a closed-knit upper with lace closures that lend a very streetwise look to these trainers, to add to their obvious sports credentials. They incorporate our Boost technology in carefully chosen areas of the inner sole, which contains thousands of responsive particles that absorb the kinetic energy as your foot lands, acting as a cushion at first, and then returning some of that energy straight back to your foot to help with a more dynamic lift-off with each stride you take. The rubber outsoles provide superb levels of grip on all running surfaces. For younger wearers, we provide the same high-tech benefits and make them extra lightweight to help tiny legs to develop their walking stride more easily.

NMD trainers are all-in-one performers

NMD is geared for performance, but that also includes taking care of your comfort while you're exerting yourself. This isn't a stripped-down, Spartan race car. It's a plush trainer that cossets your foot with a snug sockliner so that it will feel a part of your foot – this effect is heightened by the light weight of these trainers. They also make exceptionally stylish street shoes, so it's never a bad idea to keep a second pair on hand that you don't use for training. Some of them come in limited edition ranges with unique features, colours and extra detailing, so look out for those regularly. Most of all, people love the snug, stretchy fit that hugs your foot. This has created an all-round performing trainer that's in high demand.

adidas NMD Frequently Asked Questions

The way you lace your adidas NMD sneakers can change up their look. For a clean and classic style, thread the shoelaces through the eyelets from the outside to the inside. Start at the bottom and work up toward the tongue, keeping the laces smooth and aligned. Skip the top eyelets to show off the tongue. Or lace all the way up if you like a more snug fit.
adidas NMD sneakers are made in adult and youth sizes and run true to size. But different materials and designs can make the shoes feel tighter or roomier. The NMD typically has a stretchy upper that hugs the foot. For more help finding the right fit, review the adidas NMD size guide.
NMD sneakers borrow technical innovations like adidas Primeknit and Boost from performance running shoes, but they're not designed for running. NMD's design also references archival adidas '80s heritage through details like colorful midsole plugs and transparent heel clips. They're streetwear shoes good for casual everyday wear and walking on city streets.