Kids' Basketball Shoes

Lace up your future all-star in adidas basketball shoes for kids. Styles are designed for all-day play, from the hardwood to the playground and beyond.


Hit up the hoop with basketball shoes specially designed for kids. Help them play and look their best in our court ready Kid’s basketball shoes. Let them live and breathe their game with responsive, adapted footwear specifically designed for the court.
Choosing The Right Basketball Shoes
Let your little baller loose with shoes designed to last. With every children’s size available to make sure you get the perfect fit with minimal slip. Choose the technology that best fits their play style with a choice of cushioning. Choose the colour to complement their style and energy. Choose between soft textile uppers and synthetic breathable uppers to maximise comfort. Let your child experience technology that’s been tried and tested in-court.
adidas basketball footwear offers
Bounce cushioning for enhanced comfort and higher energy return. Cloudfoam midsoles for superior cushioning. Abrasion resistant toe cap prints that increase durability. Breathable upper meshes to keep feet cool. Support and stretch fabric. Lacing systems and webbing designed for improved lockdown. Give your kid an edge and help them perform at their best with responsive footwear that protects their feet whilst offering exceptional grip, power, and control.
With our personalisation on selected basketball shoes you can add your child’s name, position number, or any text you like. Keep the shoes eye-catching, and easily identifiable. Give your child something special. Get them in the game with basketball shoes designed by players for players. With 100-day free returns available rest easy knowing you’ll get the perfect pick up.

Kids' Basketball Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Kids who wear basketball shoes for style may not need to lace them up all the way, but kids who want to play in them definitely should. Lacing up provides the most support and stability for quick stops, jump shots and fake-outs. If you don’t lace basketball shoes for kids all the way up, the foot and ankle are more prone to rock and roll, increasing the risk of injury.
When tying up kids’ basketball shoes, it’s best to make sure they’re snug but not so tight that they’re uncomfortable. Ideally, the laces should be tight enough that the feet don’t move around in the shoe or slip out during fast moves and lateral cuts. At the same time, good blood flow is important. The right style of lacing can help support either high arches or low arches.
Lace kids’ basketball shoes in a crisscross pattern all the way up for ankle support. You can also loop the laces around the back of high tops before tying them in front. A method that works for lower-cut shoes is to lace as usual up to the last two eyelets. Take one lace, thread it through the next eyelet from the inside and weave it back through the next eyelet without crossing over. Repeat for the other side. Pull one lace across and feed through the opposite lace between the two eyelets. Repeat for the other side. Then tie.