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Basketball Shoes

Inspired by the Greats, made for you, adidas basketball shoes are designed to provide snug, cushioned fit for the ultimate on court action. We understand every player is different, that's why our basketball shoes come in different styles and cuts to suit all types of play. The low top shoes are made to allow ankle flexibility for improved speed and grip during play, whilst the high tops provide a molded collar for a dynamic fit and additional ankle support, whilst still maintaining cushioning under the pressure points of foot to absorb the impact of your jump.

  • James Harden: Celebrating James Harden's signature game, Harden basketball shoes are built to create separation like the MVP.
  • Damian Lillard: Designed for a tough style of play, Dame basketball shoes combine seamless FUSEDMESH with BOUNCE for game long comfort.
  • Donovan Mitchell: Lightweight D.O.N. basketball shoes celebrating the journey of a star in the making.
  • Tracy McGrady: T-Mac basketball shoes provide enhanced lateral support as you create space like the shooting guard.
  • Derrick Rose: Inspired by Derrick Rose's signature game, D-Rose basketball shoes are designed for speed and agility as you drive to the paint.


For the ultimate care of your basketball shoes, check out our product guides to get the most out of your new kicks: