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The Reimagined FORUM

Legacies aren't just born, they're built. More than just a cool pair of sneakers, the FORUM shoe shaped a generation of basketball culture, first dominating the court and then taking over the streetwear scene.

We helped players improve their game in the 1980's, and now adidas has reimagined the iconic pair and reintroduced them to a new generation of players and style innovators who share our vision of a game open to all, where ideas reign supreme and the only bad shots are the ones not taken. We started with the silhouette itself, evolving the original for a narrower toe with even more mobility, a multi-disk profile for stronger traction and a hard-wearing rubber sole that just won't quit (because we know you won't either). Then, we took it a step further with the Modern Varsity collection, utilizing classic basketball apparel elements like mesh and leather to add modern edge in colourways as unapologetically bold as the shape itself.

These are the shoes that change your game — that hero self-expression as a winning part of your team. This new generation of players has always inspired us with their openness. No guard up, no expectations, just a classic optimism that never goes out of style. That open mind has changed from part of the play to a way of life, where respect is given to every idea bouncing around on whatever court you're on.

The FORUM has always radiated a cool confidence, but it's never been about winning or playing for your own team — the open forum is always inviting and inclusive, welcoming every different take as a way to make the team stronger. After all, when you stay open, you're always just one pass away from the winning shot. So lace up with us. Let's welcome the next chapter for this certified classic, adopted by those who're always open in their craft, mindset and game. Let's discover new moves, new plays, new colours, new styles, new ways to be. Let's pass ideas differently and take shots we never thought we could make. This is FORUM. This is life, unguarded.