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Boys' shoes & trainers 1-4 years old

Curious and adventurous young boys need shoes that are worthy of their growing feet. adidas boy's shoes and trainers 1-4 years old are perfect for young athletes, with shoes made for all sports and lifestyles. Choose from adidas' most iconic styles suitable for all types of play, like sneakers, court tennis shoes, basketball shoes and more. Even the tiniest of kids will look and feel like champions wearing only the best in advanced sportswear technologies, plus the freshest designs, patterns and colours. Whether they need shoes for the back yard, kindergarten or other sorts of little adventures, adidas has a wide range of comfortable and stylish boy's shoes and trainers 1-4 years old.

Boy's shoes suited for every adventure

Young boys can master any and every type of sports activity in a pair of adidas shoes. Made with little feet in mind, these boy's shoes and trainers 1-4 years old all feature leading sporting technologies designed to be lightweight, comfortable and durable. There'll be no wailing or complaints of sore feet in these shoes. Built to excel, young boys can wear these trainers while running around the playground or learning a new sport. Your kids will find perfect-fitting shoes for whichever game they love to play. This footwear collection is essentially the mini version of the adult's collection, with all the same advanced technologies. Kids will enjoy the cushioning comfort of EVA midsoles, Continentalâ„¢ Rubber outsoles, and a choice of laces or Velcro straps, made for easy wearing.

Casual trainers through to sportswear

You will find all of adidas' most iconic models in the boy's footwear collection, from the Superstar or Stan Smith to the Swift, Baseline, X, Gazelle and more. Available in a wide range of dynamic patterns, vivid colours and trendy designs, these shoes will have all boys looking as good as they feel. Choose from high-tops, chunky sneakers or tennis-inspired shoes, all designed to help your kids grow and create.