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Boys tennis shorts

Young players should be able to focus on nothing but playing tennis, developing their love for the game, their technique and their winning habits. Their apparel shouldn’t ever let them down, which is why these boys tennis shorts have been made to perform to the highest levels, even when the pressure is on. Comfortable, supportive and ready for just about anything, they utilise the same sportswear technology that is used and trusted by thousands of adidas athletes around the world every day, regulating the body’s temperature and allowing for a full range of body movement during any activity. Future champions: complete your kit right here.

Made for winners

Champions don’t accept compromises, and neither do these boys tennis shorts from adidas. They are made from a lightweight material that uses revolutionary four-way stretch technology, keeping young players unrestricted whether they’re hitting a big serve or stretching during an intense rally. Side slip pockets make it easy for tennis balls to be quickly stored and accessed, while targeted mesh inserts and elasticated sections offer optimum air circulation and let players move around the court with ease. Comfortable fits with drawstring waists allow junior players to make adjustments to their liking, keeping them fully comfortable and confident when they’re out on the court.

Tennis gear: sorted

The top players make sure that every part of their kit is the best it can be, and young players should get in the same habit early on. These boys tennis shorts from adidas are smarter than they appear, allowing future champions to play their natural game and improve unrestricted. On top of that, they offer the signature sportswear style that adidas is known for around the world, meaning that young players can truly take pride in their tennis gear. For junior players who are looking to take their game to the next level, their kit bag is incomplete without these boys tennis shorts.