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Reviews for: Goalkeeper

4 reviews
Predator 18 Pro Gloves
Predator 18 Pro Gloves
15 May 2018
WOW! Great product!!!

The grip was fantastic and the fit was 10/10! Although people say the grip wears off fast i consistently washed them and wet them before use and it is tacky as can be! after 2 months they're still my go-to pair for games. ... read more

Predator 18 Pro Gloves
Predator 18 Pro Gloves
11 May 2018
Great fit but bad latex.

I love the fit on this glove it has a great feeling it's not too tight or too big the fit is decently better than the ace trans pro but after 4 practices and 2 games the stickiness wore out and now when I use them I have to spit on them every couple of minutes and they still don't have the same stickiness like my old pair of ace trans pros that I have used in 6 games and 20+ practices. ... read more

Predator 18 Pro Gloves
Predator 18 Pro Gloves
06 May 2018
Purchasing top quality

I very much like the product. I received them through mail and it was in top shape, nothing wrong. Very comfortable and has amazing grip, been using them for 2 months, and I haven’t found any issues with it. Yes it will tear and yes they will break, but if you take care of them they will last you for a long time. I recommend it to any goalkeeper. They will tear a lot easier in turf, so I suggest that you use them for only games. You can very much tell the difference of quality between the practice gloves and the pro gloves. ... read more

Predator 18 Pro Gloves
Predator 18 Pro Gloves
21 April 2018

I’ve bought one pair and received it with a rip in the thumb so I took them back and got a new pair to later on find out they have another rip in the finger absolutely apauling I haven’t even played a match yet ... read more

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