Sports Balls For Men

Show up with one of these and the game is on. adidas men's sports balls have everything you need for your favorite games, be it backyard or pro.

Have a ball

When there’s a ball involved in sports, it tends to be the centre of attention. When it’s in your possession, all eyes are on you to see what you’ve got in your locker. That’s why, whether in training or in a game, the ball simply cannot let you down. That’s where adidas comes in. The current collection of men’s sports balls is the best yet, with something for everyone from casual fans to pro players. With adidas sports balls for men, you won’t be let down.

For the players

Some of the best goals and biggest moments in sports have featured an adidas football, so get one for yourself from the current collection of men’s sports balls. The current range of footballs has something for every player at every level. Mini balls and club replica balls are perfect for the casual fans while match balls are available to those at the top of the game, being Pro-certified by the game’s governing body. These footballs use thermally bonded seamless construction for a more predictable trajectory, as used by the biggest and best players on the planet. You can’t play without one, so find your perfect football right here in the adidas collection of sports balls for men.

Choose your sport

Of course, the adidas selection of sports balls for men is a lot more than footballs. Whether playing indoor or outdoor, the ideal basketball is available for all types of players, from a mini basketball for training hours to an official game ball for expressing yourself on the court. The Comire range of handballs uses a super-grippy surface to eliminate the use of resin and has been updated for the newest season in bright colours and eye-catching designs, while adidas rugby balls use a rubber cover to allow for pinpoint passing. Whatever your game, play it the adidas way with this collection of men's sports balls.