Men's Grey Pants

Push through your workout in comfort. You'll find adidas men's grey pants that fit your style and keep you cool and dry in the gym or around the house.

Grey trousers & chinos for men

Looking every inch the part and being comfortable in your clothes are not always happy bedfellows. The range of adidas grey trousers and chinos for men, however, gives you the style and class you want in your image with the comfortable feel you demand from smart casual wear. These grey men’s trousers are cut to feel free around your legs while displaying the bold designs of the iconic Trefoil logo and 3-Stripes. Our grey chinos for men are tailored to have complimentary lines that deliver the sharp edges of a smart suit trouser with the loose comfort of a sportswear jogging pant. From the gym to the party, adidas men’s grey chinos and men’s grey trousers are the ideal choices for a person whose lifestyle demands a look that’s both for the lunch meeting at the bistro and the social at the bar.

A touch of casual class

Relaxing is all part of working hard. You can’t keep on the go all the time. But having fun is something that should always be encouraged. The right slacks for the right occasion can make all the difference to the impression you’re trying to give. Grey trousers and chinos for men from adidas are the right choices for you. Providing both comfort and style, the high standards of the manufacturing add that extra quality that sets you apart from the rest. Your fashion choices when being less formal don’t have to mean being less smart. Grey men’s chinos are classic casual wear that straddles the line between formal and informal with an air of confidence that gives you the smart, "well-turned-out" style of someone who knows their business. adidas men’s grey trousers offer a smart sporty look that enriches your image while taking part in events that go with your lifestyle.

You and you alone

There are many occasions when just turning up is not enough. You have to make that effort to not only be bold in your fashion choices, but also maintain a standard fitting to your surroundings. The range of grey trousers and chinos for men from adidas is crafted to look the part and created to provide the quality you need.