Men's Grey Shorts

Flex laidback style wherever you are with a pair of men's grey shorts from adidas. Choose from a range of cuts, including thigh and knee-length, with and without classic adidas icons such as the 3-Stripes and trefoil.

Men’s grey shorts with the right mix of style and comfort

To get the best performance no matter which sport you play, it is very important to gear up with the right clothing. The adidas men's grey shorts line is the right blend of technology and materials. Front zip pockets, a drawcord on the waist, and an overall soft feel create a deadly combo that can help enhance your stay on the court, make you more agile, and up your performance to levels you never thought possible. Choose from the wide range of men’s grey shorts and pick the one that fits your personality on and off the court. It’s never too late to take the next step in you fitness journey.

Shorts for every sport, shorts for every occasion

Whether you are a professional swimmer or a mountain bike rider, a footballer or a basketball champ, choosing the right shorts can take your output to new heights. Whether you run, jog, or simply walk, our range of men’s grey shorts has the item that’ll cover your needs. Expect extra leg coverage and warmth when playing outdoors in lower temperatures. Whichever sport you’re into and no matter the level you play it at, we got you covered. Our product line-up gives you a diverse range of options, so there’s no need to stress.

The weather should no longer be a worry

The adidas clothing technology has been making a name for itself for a few years now. The men’s grey shorts will keep you dry and show their strength with moisture wicking capabilities in humid conditions. The shorts enhance balanced movement as they wrap perfectly around your body, keeping you cool and helping you dry sweat faster. High durability, superior comfort, and unmatched style are guaranteed when you put these shorts on. Weather the storm with shorts that won’t sell you short when it matters the most.