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Men's drawstring bags

Men's drawstring bags perform in more ways than just being a carrier for personal items, picnic trips, gym visits or regular day walks – they're a fashion piece, especially men's drawstring bags with an elegant high-gloss finish. These add an impressive 3D effect to your outfit from a combination of synthetic leather and mesh sub-layer. Whether you're going to the gym or watching your favourite football team play, a men's drawstring bag completes your athletic appearance with adjustable drawcords that can also perform the function of shoulder straps for a smooth swing to the back. Our men's drawstring bags are also designed to meet your expectations of a swim bag. First, they are made of thin mesh, which allows free circulation of air in and out so that any contents will dry speedily. You can put all your training kit and equipment into a sizeable compartment covered by lightweight mesh. The design also offers a flexible carrying method, either slung over the shoulder or worn as a backpack using the same drawcords.

The added value of a men's drawstring bag

The added value of a men's drawstring bag is in features unique to this style of bag. A side zip pocket isn't usually a standard feature considering the flat nature of these bags, but gym house drawstring bags for men incorporate side pockets for storing extra valuable items. Another exciting feature with a drawstring bag is the possibility of customising your look to reflect your lifestyle, either with your favourite football club or design icon. The 100% polyurethane synthetic leather and lining of 100% polyester plain weave also allow for prints on the fabric, so you can now show off your favourite design, celebrity, football club or pop star. The list of ways in which you can make your men's drawstring bag more fashionable is endless.