Men's Hiking Shorts

Men’s hiking shorts are great on a hot day when you’ve got a hard trail that’s been calling your name for weeks. Stay cool with the perfect amount of coverage while you’re giving it your all.

Keep yourself cool in all terrain in men's hiking shorts

All-purpose hiking shorts for men are a staple in our summer range of men's sportswear and casualwear. Made from durable fabric that's both light and breathable, while also being UV and water-resistant, you'll appreciate the care that has gone into making them. A neutral, standard cut make them suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities; you can get them to hike in but will soon find yourself wearing them whenever you just need a handy, comfortable, but still stylish pair of summer shorts.

Loose enough to move, tight enough to feel supportive

Our most popular men's hiking shorts are made for the trail, allowing you to ramble in comfort to your heart's content. They're made from a slightly stretchy material—a combination of nylon, polyester, and elastane plain weave fabric—so while they have a snug feel in the areas where it moulds to your body, they also allow you to enjoy complete freedom of movement. They are the perfect balance between being just loose enough and just tight enough, without the possibility of not doing either particularly well. These are hiking shorts for men that you can pack for a walking trip with complete confidence.

Sweat-wicking, recycled materials

To take your level of hiking up a notch, choose adidas men's hiking shorts made from 100% plain weave polyester. These contain advanced sweat-wicking properties, to help you stay as cool as possible when the going gets tough or when the sun starts to beat down on the trail. They're designed to enable you to carry all the immediate essentials you'll need, with side pockets and a centre-back pocket that can be securely zipped. The elasticised waist is reinforced with a drawcord, and a built-in mesh brief greatly enhances your comfort for mile after mile.