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High-performance adidas men's running gloves

Maintaining your training schedule can be tough when the temperature drops. To stay focused on your fitness goals, opt for a pair of lightweight and breathable men's running gloves to keep your hands warm during your run. Moisture-wicking properties ensure your hands stay dry and protected, while ventilated mesh prevents your palms from sweating. Reflective details stand out to increase your visibility when you're running in low light. Look for a form-fitting, pre-shaped design so you can still flex your fingers. If your hands get too sweaty wearing gloves on the trail or track, slip them off and tuck them into your pocket as you moderate your temperature.

Keep up your cold-weather training with running gloves for men

If you run long distances in unpredictable weather, invest in a pair of running gloves that will protect your hands. Men's running gloves by adidas are designed for cold weather training, keeping your hands dry and comfortable as you run. After you've dragged yourself out of bed on a freezing winter's morning for a run, your bare hands will feel painfully cold when you step out the door. In low temperatures, your body will prioritise keeping your core warm, so your extremities become more sensitive. A good pair of adidas running gloves for men is a quick and easy solution.

Winter running gear 101

When the weather turns icy, runners turn to breathable thermal layers and windproof jackets to keep up with their training. Although insulating layers are important when you're running in the winter, men's running gloves are also an essential accessory for long distance running in low temperatures. Depending on how cold it gets, your kit should include a moisture-wicking long sleeve t-shirt, thick adidas running tights or leggings, a hooded fleece with plenty of stretch and a lightweight waterproof jacket. A cosy knit beanie or headband will also help to keep you warm.