Men's Training Pants: Workout & Gym

Gym pants are an essential part of challenging workouts and laid-back weekends. They’re the ultimate pick for versatile comfort that you can wear anytime — even when you’re doing nothing at all.

Mens training pants

Whether your sport of choice is jogging, Pilates or football, the collection of adidas mens workout pants includes trousers that are suitable for your training. Designed to have a tapered modern look, you will love the roomy and comfortable fit that narrows down as it gets to the ankle. That’s not to mention their breathability, or the moisture-wicking ability that will keep you dry as you proceed with your workout. Best of all, adidas has made environmentally friendly choices when it comes to the fabric we use. We’ve set up partnerships to help improve global cotton farming, and use recycled polyester to help decrease waste and emissions.

Looks aren’t everything

Not only are the adidas mens training pants stylish-looking, they’re also designed to give you maximum comfort as you speed through your workout. Climacool technology provides the right amount of ventilation and keeps you dry by managing the moisture on your body, while Climalite technology ensures you stay dry by conducting sweat away from your skin. And if you’re planning to train in cool weather, look for mens workout pants with Climaheat technology, which consists of an insulation system made from hollow fibres that can trap and retain heat to ensure your warmth while out in the cold.

Mens training pants that answer to your preferences

Now that you’ve figured out the characteristics of the training pants you need, it’s time to choose ones to suit your personal style. adidas mens training pants are available in slim fit or regular fit, and you can choose full length pants or trousers with ¾ length. Don’t forget pockets, which are always a useful feature if you need to carry a few basic items, and for a bit of a secure fit you’ll love having a drawcord at the waist and ribbed cuffs around your ankles.

Men's Training Pants: Workout & Gym Frequently Asked Questions

Training pants differ from other pants in that they’re designed for movement and comfort when exercising. There are many types of training and workout pants, such as joggers, track pants, sweat pants and even tights. You can find training pants with open or cuffed hems or a tapered leg, depending on your fit preference. Many adidas pants made for training sport the iconic 3-Stripes.
Men’s gym pants are great for all types of exercise. You can choose between specific types of pants depending on your workout needs. Sweat pants have heavy fabric, making them ideal if you want to stay warm while working out in colder conditions. Joggers are similar, but they’re lighter than sweats. As the name suggests, they’re great for running. Leggings and tights provide great support for weightlifting, yoga, cardio and other fitness activities.
Yes, you can work out in adidas joggers! Joggers are a type of men’s gym pants made for comfort and easy movement when jogging and stretching and during general fitness activities. They’re super comfortable for warmups, cool-downs, lounging around at home and everyday activities. Joggers are typically made of lighter-weight fabric than sweat pants.