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Mens Vests


Men's vests

Do you also have very high standards in every situation? We know that details make all the difference. With our men's' outfits, impeccable style doesn't mean you have to lose any of your dynamism. What is your inspiration? With clothing in that original adidas style, you will show everyone very clearly who makes the rules in your life – you. adidas vests are a perfect fit and form that essential layer during daily life and sport. With men's vests you'll be well equipped.

Set your own rules – adidas men's vests

We offer vests made from cotton, down, polyester and recycled polyester. Anyone who is on the go throughout the day needs to be able to rely on a material that still feels good by the evening. Cotton is ideally suited as a material for casual wear because it's breathable and you don't sweat easily.

Our brands combine street style with the needs of athletes

You will find trends that already have legendary potential in the vest collections of brands like Essentials, Originals or Performance. Performance is designed for athletes who are not willing to compromise on style – it's retro design with a distinct spotlight on performance. Treasured classics and innovations united under the umbrella of creativity. That's what you'll find in the varied world of adidas Originals. Our vest collections include RDY, Adventure and Helionic. Our vests are available in brown, yellow, pink, and many other colors.

Do you want to break the rules and then rewrite them? You can have fun and improve yourself with our products for men and women.

The future begins now. Grab your men's vest from adidas – and your moment is here.