Men's White Shorts

Perfect for playing football, tennis or working out at the gym, adidas men's white shorts offer comfort and performance as a complete package. Choose from a wide range of styles and sizes of white shorts.

Withstand the rigours of the game in our men’s white shorts

When the whistle blows to start the football match you can feel confident that your adidas men’s white shorts are built to withstand the rigours of the sport, all the way until the full-time whistle blows to end it. This impressive collection features lightweight shorts with an inner brief made from pure polyester and includes special fabrics that soak up your sweat so you can sprint comfortably up and down the side-lines with maximum comfort all day. Sports tights made with our innovative compression fabric are also previewed among the collection to give you extra support and increased performance.

Ultra-light and ultra-comfortable white shorts men’s fuel your performance

Our advanced compression fabric wraps the body in an ultra-comfortable, ultra-light compression mould that is breathable, fast-drying and coated with UV protection to shield you from the sun’s effects. The amazing properties of this model can help to fuel your performance across a variety of sports, making it an essential item that can be worn with all men's white shorts. You can elect to wear them under your tennis shorts to help you return those cross-court passing shots and under your basketball shorts so you can drive down the court when there is another exciting fast break.

On or off the field wear adidas shorts for men

Although we also carry adidas white shorts for men that profile several high profile European football clubs, you would be mistaken in thinking our collection is targeted to athletes and sports fans only. Our white shorts can be a reliable staple of your summer season gear, perfect for picnics and beach parties and for lounging around at home. They also make a fabulous choice for watching the game even when you’re not on the team.