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Originals White Christmas Jumper Sweater (Gender Neutral)Originals White Christmas Jumper Sweater (Gender Neutral)

Christmas Jumper Sweater (Gender Neutral)


Men Originals White Adicolor Shattered Trefoil HoodieMen Originals White Adicolor Shattered Trefoil Hoodie

Adicolor Shattered Trefoil Hoodie

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Men’s white jumpers

When a man wears a white jumper, the world tends to listen. Especially if the jumper has a lot to say. The men’s white jumpers range by adidas is doing exactly just that, and it’s telling you that leisure and productivity can go hand-in-hand. What should you expect in terms of features? From wind-resistant front overlays and droptail hem to UV protection, you’re in for a treat. The outerwear space just got a whole lot more competitive as our men’s white jumpers are not messing about. Don’t let the sweetness of the white colourway fool you, as they bring the heat both literally and figuratively. They’ll keep you warm but they’ll also have you looking lit on nights out.

A jumper that’ll jump to the top of your favourite clothes list

We all have favourites. Favourite friends, favourite movies, favourite foods, favourite music. What’s about to enter that list is your new favourite jumper. The men’s white jumpers line-up by adidas is a true bundle of joy. Jumpers that understand a man’s need to assemble smart outfits that feel and perform like casual clothes. Up until now, jumpers were seen as casual clothes and nothing more than that. The adidas take on them provides a hybrid piece of clothing that gets the best of both worlds. You get to keep the comfortable and snuggly feeling of the jumper but you’re now poised, with your head held high, to walk down the biggest catwalk in the world: the streets.

A new day, a new jumper, a new era

It’s time to welcome the newest member of your wardrobe. The adidas men’s white jumpers are coming to raise the bar in your closet and we hope it won’t cause too much commotion amongst the other jumpers. This jumper will quickly become a regular part of your daily rotation because it hits the right spot between comfortable and cosy.