Pharrell Shoes

The adidas Originals x Pharrell Williams collaboration blends visionary style and fashion in our shoe collection. Elevate your wardrobe with Pharrell Williams 1970s inspired tennis shoes and Humanrace™ designs.

Classically styled, edgy Pharrell Williams trainers

Pharrell Williams trainers offer versatility for different sports or everyday wear, and these Pharrell shoes are made with the adidas technologies that support your athletic efforts. Thick, cushioned soles are made to deliver great energy return when you’re running or walking. Detailing, such as woven uppers, allow the shoes to move with your feet and Human Made embroidery on some styles adds to the visual appeal of Pharrell Williams adidas trainers. Textured ribbing on the midsoles of adidas Pharrell Williams shoes is another detail that helps you up your game because it provides extra gripping power for traction and enhanced control.

Tennis, basketball, and bold colours

The Pharrell Williams trainer includes tennis style shoes and basketball-inspired versions that boast vibrant colours and show support for LGBTQ pride. Inspiring messages are shown on the tongue loops of some styles of these Pharrell Williams trainers, sharing ideas such as gratitude and empathy. Other features found in the colourful line of Pharrell shoes for basketball include a footbed that’s marked with a reflexology design and snug fitting woven uppers for a bit of extra support. Some styles of these adidas Pharrell Williams shoes have uppers crafted from leather or knit fibres as well as textile linings and rubber outsoles.

Wearing classic tennis shoe styles by Pharrell Williams

The collection of adidas Pharrell Williams trainers was inspired by classic court shoes from the 1970s, and you can add them to your wardrobe to create a modern contemporary style that's all your own. Pair these classic court shoes with adidas tracksuits and other Pharrell Williams designs. Is drama what you are looking for, as well as being comfortable and stylish? Try matching shoe colours to the colours in your outfit to create a themed effect that speaks to your unique style.

Some of the most striking kicks on the market, flaunting Pharrell shoes is a sure way to make a statement. The bold sneakers designed in collaboration with virtuoso Pharrell Williams have a textured EVA midsole for ultimate comfort and a sock-like structure that securely wraps the foot. Step outside on a new wave of confidence knowing that you’re rocking the freshest shoes on the market.

Oozing contemporary flair

Overflowing with creativity, adidas Pharrell shoes are simply like no other. Taking inspiration from old-school tennis fashion, the trainers breathe a fresh lease of life into sneaker culture. With a distinctive Pharrell Williams sign-off appearing on the heel, everyone will know you have your ear to the ground when it comes to style. Flashing a detailed outsole that contrasts from the upper, Pharrell shoes stand out from the crowd and give your outfit a unique edge. A stunning fusion of classic simplicity and modern experimentation, these sneakers are a real piece of art. An evolving masterpiece, adidas Pharrell shoes are constantly dropping in new styles and editions – make sure that you keep up to date with the latest range of designs and colourways.

Gone are the days in which comfort and fashion couldn’t co-exist. With a knit upper, adidas Pharrell shoes hug your feet like a sock and provide a snug fit. The flexible material reacts well to movement and is engineered to support your feet no matter what. The innovative seam-free design allows for increased breathability and is constantly adapting to your foot. A dynamic lightweight EVA midsole ensures that cushioning and stability are paramount in every step. So much so that when you have your Pharrell shoes on it’ll feel like you’re walking on air. Comfortable, stylish and supportive – you’ll want to wear your Pharrell shoes every day. And there’s no reason you shouldn’t, thanks to their effortlessly stylish versatility. Lace up these sneakers with confidence, knowing they’ve been designed for the wellbeing of your feet.