Ultraboost Running Shoes


The Ultraboost for running that only adidas can deliver

€˜Ultra' means transcending the ordinary, exceeding bounds that others see as unattainable. Then we've added a Boost to really kick things into overdrive. Our adidas Ultraboost running shoes are brimming with innovation and advancements on proven design and technology. The result is a range of shoes incorporating stitched-in reinforcement for precision support, elastane cushioning for absorbing impact when your heel hits the hard stuff and mesh that conforms to your foot while expelling heat and moisture. Our midsoles help deliver that Boost that expends your energy most efficiently and our Primeknit uppers and Tailored Fibre Placement technology makes your Ultraboost feel a part of the way you move.

Ultraboost shoes for ultra-achievers

Because sustainability is an asset in so many dimensions, we use our unique Parley Plastics in Ultraboost running shoes, such as our Primeblue uppers. What would otherwise pollute our oceans and endanger our marine life is given an effective and efficient second life. If you're looking for a sports shoe that delivers the high-performance advantages you want with the ultra-responsive comfort and cushioning your endurance demands, our Stretchweb outsoles deliver dynamic elasticity. Then our Stabilising Torsion System keeps your stride balanced and sure footed. Throw in our trademarked Continental™ Rubber for maximum traction and our Fitcounter heel that hugs where you need it most and there's nothing you can't do in an adidas Ultraboost running shoe.

Ultra-incredible Ultraboost shoes to choose

Here at adidas, we believe in the freedom of choice. That's why our range of Ultraboost running shoes delivers a breadth of options to ensure you can find the perfect pair for your feet. For walking, training, distance running, on the court or in the gym, we've got a huge selection with lots of colour and design variations of our iconic 3-Stripes. We've even got design gurus like Stella McCartney on our side, creating mesmerising variations on exercise gear that works hard and looks stunning. So, take your time and make your choice. Or choices. Lots of them. Whatever Ultraboost shoes you select, they'll deliver the performance you want, the resilience you need, and the look that will put a smile on your face. And sometimes that's as important as a personal best.