Skateboarding Shorts

Enjoy the ride with adidas skateboarding shorts. Made with protective and breathable high-performance materials, our skate shorts are designed for training or competition.

Skate shorts

Most of the movement during a skateboarding session comes from your legs, so when it comes to skate shorts, one of the most important factors in the design of each pair is its ability to give you enough room to jump and move as you need. The adidas collection of skate shorts includes styles that offer a modern fit that allows you to keep that street smart look or a relaxed fit around the thighs and hips that gives you enough room to move comfortably. Styles with a high waist will give you added stability, while belt loops enable you to control the fit as it is most comfortable for you.

It’s all in the fabric

The fabric used to construct skate shorts is an important part of the design and can make a difference to your performance and comfort. The use of twill fabric, which has a small percentage of stretch to it, gives you the ability to move easily and comfortably in all directions, while the use of breathable fabric ensures you keep that fresh feeling even during the most intense exercise sessions. Skater shorts are mainly used in warm weather, and to keep you dry, some styles use a special sweat-wicking technology to drive the sweat away from your body, keeping you safe from unnecessary moisture.

Details you will love

The details included in these pairs of adidas skate shorts add practicality and safety so you can head out in confidence to the court every time. Designs that include pockets give you the ability to keep a few essentials within easy reach at all times, while styles with reflective details included ensure you are visible no matter the time of the day. With all the variety of colours and details available in this collection of skater shorts, you are guaranteed to find the style just for you.